The new name for...

30 July 2005

Less than a month in, and I've decided to change the name of this blog. When I picked the URL, I was in a hurry and so just went for a bit of word association. I then had to pick a name and decided I'd try something else out. Now, I've decided "For More Information..." was way too bland and some people seem to like the URL more. So, it's time for something a little more...phlegmy. Now, I'm wondering why the MarsEdit spell checker hasn't flagged that one up.

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Wow. I feel the power of my words extending across the world... Fortunately I use my powers for good, not evil!

I laughed when I saw the name change. Don't know if it will serve your purposes any better, but it will sure stand out.

You're doing great. Hard to believe it's been only a month, based on the number of mentions I've seen of your blog already.