e.e. cummings is alive and well and working in pr

11 August 2005

It took me several seconds longer than I cared to spend on this press release when it came in because I couldn't work out why the spam filter hadn't caught it. Then I realised it wasn't actually spam. Well not proper poker spam anyway, unless PRNewswire is branching out into new business areas to fill the gap left by Scott Richter. Entourage flashed this up while I was doing an phone interview:

"boxtonic win six figure totesportcasino account"

And that was how it read on the email. Haven't these people heard of capital letters? They help make sentences easier to read. Or consistency for that matter:

"Totesportcasino.com has appointed online marketing specialists boxtonic to compliment the existing in-house Marketing team. boxtonic has been handed a brief to increase brand awareness and recruit online for totesportcasino.com using creative and targeted marketing activity. The campaign will start with an intensive search engine awareness campaign."

I know I should really be asking Boxtonic this, but what does search engine awareness mean? Does that just mean filling in the Google form or are these things now classed as AI? And are they really just being paid to say nice things to the Tote's marketing team?