Which timezone is Yoorp in? Is that Central or Eastern?

13 September 2005

Yes, there are some people working in PR who still haven't got the hang of timezones. Hats off to the International Engineering Consortium, who managed to ring at 11pm at night (OK I was working after getting in from a late afternoon/early evening meeting) to ask me if I was going to their EuroDesignCon in Munich in October. As they are organising said conference, you would have thought they might have grasped by now that Munich, and indeed London, are in very different timezones to California. In fact, 11pm in the UK is getting past office hours even for US Eastern time. And Munich? It's practically a new day.

However, it seems they don't read their own website either. As I am moderating a panel session during the conference, I think it would be a reasonable assumption that I will be turning up in Munich sometime during that week.