OK, now it's just getting silly. Technorati's top blog is...

23 April 2006

...a non-existent page at MSN. That's the latest according to Technorati's top 100. Apparently, it has almost three times the links as previous number one Boing Boing. That's where you're going wrong, people. Too much content. Less is more. Mies van der Rohe was right all along.

What seems to be happening is that Technorati is now picking up links to news stories on MSNBC from various blogs and then treating www.msnbc.msn.com/id - under which all the news stories live - as a home page. It's just that there is no such URL that MSN understands: it expects to get a long string of numbers after that to work out which story to pick up.

However, some of yesterday's blog supernovas have winked out just as quickly. It's difficult to work out whether a script got tuned or if they just got removed by hand. As there is another FC2 blog in there with a lot of links as the result of designing a popular template, similar to yesterday's Myhurt, I suspect they were taken out by hand.

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That should be gone as well, as we fixed the bug that caused these issues to crop up over the weekend. Thanks for the eagle eye, and please do let us know if you notice any issues like this in the future!

By the way, my direct line is 415 846-0232 and my email is dsifry AT technorati DOT com, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have or and issues that you notice in the future...