When typography attacks

4 June 2006

A recent release from what used to be Logica reveals the consequences of companies messing with the English language and SmackingWords together with arbitrary capital letters just to make their logos look all purty. In newswire-style, the headline was capped-up. That is, in itself, a pointless exercise if you want people to read it easily but it revealed the problems caused by companies trying to mess with typography:


How does it make sense to have it look as though the name reads "Logicacumug" rather than "Logica C.M.G."? Having it as two words makes it all a lot clearer, but I bet writing it that way gets the branding police on your back.

In fact, it's worse than that. I checked on the Companies House database and the company really is registered as "LOGICACMG": company name registrations are generally all in capitals. I wonder whether anyone thought as they registered the names of the various subsidiaries: "You know, this looks a bit daft."