Loophole or lame excuse?

10 July 2006

It was only a matter of time before this happened - another unfortunate collision of technology with the telephone. I got a call at home at about 19:30 from a company on the pretext of asking about satellite dishes. Nothing strange about that, other than the fact that the number called is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which is meant to stop unsolicited telemarketing calls. And the voice at the other end was a recording played by a computer. That was more worrying, especially when my silence at its first question (did I receive satellite TV through a dish) was met with a "Hello, hello are you still there?" before the machine cut the call off.

One of the things that puts a limit on how many cold calls you get comes down to the cost of paying people to talk to supposedly potential customers. That has become a major factor as the cost of placing calls has shrunk rapidly. With a computer doing all of the work, suddenly the marginal cost of placing each call plummets, even compared with farming out those jobs to low-wage countries. Letting computers call people without your expressed permission is something that needs to be stopped. In principle, it is already illegal in the UK. But that is not what Data Partnership Solutions of East Sussex believes.

Data Partnership Solutions was the company responsible for the call. To be fair to the company, it did not block its number (0870 240 2559) and the rep who answered the phone at the other end did not give me the usual runaround on identifying the company. His first question was, did I want the address in order to make a complaint? I didn't take notes of the brief conversation, but I think we reached that point before I even mentioned the TPS. The East Sussex address given, by the way, checks out and there is a company registered under the name Data Partnership Solutions at a nearby address at Companies House (albeit a bit late with its first accounts).

However, when I did mention the TPS, his response was: "Well, these calls are surveys rather than sales calls, so they aren't really covered by the TPS." Having said that, he asked if my number was to be taken off the list or, rather, added to the "do not call" list. I said yes and that was more or less the end of the call.

Then I went and checked, as much as you can at 8pm at night, what the situation is with automated calls. I dimly remembered UK legislation being passed to outlaw automated calls - being the main reason why you don't get pestered by recordings of breezy people flogging rip-off holidays in Florida from the UK, only from other countries.

Here's the relevant bit of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, which came into effect at the end of 2003:

19. (1) A person shall neither transmit, nor instigate the transmission of, communications comprising recorded matter for direct marketing purposes by means of an automated calling system except in the circumstances referred to in paragraph (2).

(2) Those circumstances are where the called line is that of a subscriber who has previously notified the caller that for the time being he consents to such communications being sent by, or at the instigation of, the caller on that line.


For the purposes of this regulation, an automated calling system is a system which is capable of -

(a) automatically initiating a sequence of calls to more than one destination in accordance with instructions stored in that system; and

(b) transmitting sounds which are not live speech for reception by persons at some or all of the destinations so called.

No need to invoke the TPS. It's the law that a robot can't call you without asking you first. Wait a minute - that's "a robot can't call you" for direct marketing purposes. Now, in my book, a survey about what sort of television I receive is pretty much a telemarketing call. It's not a sales call, but the company at the other end wants to know information about my spending. That puts it squarely into the marketing domain for me. This is the point where I regret not just giving the robot a bunch of useless replies to see if it transmuted into a sales call. My guess is that the final part of the call is for you to say "please tell me more", at which point you invite that company to place that sales call.

I suspect this and other companies will probe this apparent loophole until they get told to stop, if they get told to stop. And, if it is the case that companies can trouble you up cheaply using machines under the pretext of "research", then the 2003 regulations need to be tightened up. If not, we need not worry about VoIP spam - it will just hit you using the regular telephone service.

To try to help that process along, it's next stop Ofcom for me.


Our receptionist just received a call from an automated service. Before she hung up this is what she heard:

"Hello! You have been randomly selected to receive a free holiday in Florida for 9 days...."

I've received several calls from this number (0870 240 2559) that once I answered were immediately terminated by the caller. I put it down to a scam where the caller expected you to call them back (to a premium rate number possibly).
Cheers for the info, I will be contacting Ofcom/Icstis also.

I have just received a similar call and discussed with a supervisor the same arguments raised about the TPS and the fact they don't need to scan the TPS lists. He agreed to take my number off their lists if I gave him the number, my name and address - I refused to give name and address so he told me he would not remove my number!

Just to update, I have reported them to the Information Commissioners Office - seems to be the place to go!

I've received five calls from this number (three tonight) i tried ringing but after 20 secs of ringing it goes dead.

Be careful! This could possibly be a scam mentioned on The Register recently.


Probably best to be on your guard for a follow up call.

I received a call from the same number, googled it and found your blog. For what it's worth I'm on TPS too. I didn't get to the phone in time and I'm not going to call them back as it's an 0870 number which are premium rate.

In any case, I agree with your other posters; on no account give them any personal details.

Just missed a call from this number, obviously nothing important that I need to get back to after looking at this blog. Im also on TPS, lot of good that seams to do when the companies dont follow the rules anyway.

To update anyone following this.

Received today a grovelling letter from Satellite Direct after I passed on details of their calls to the telephone preference service.
If anyone is still getting the calls let the TPS know and hopefully if they get enough complaints about them they might be able to enforce some sort of sanctions against the company.

Four calls received from 0870 2402559, on 2/8, 10/8 and then two on 11/8. Not answered (phone now programmed to show "scam" for this number!!)

Over the last week and a half, I've recieved 19 calls from this outfit, all during the day while I'm at work. Off work today they called again but only let it ring 3-4 times before hanging up.

Previously their ringback number hangs up as soon as I connected but today I got through to someone who explained the abofe - that they're a company called Data Partnership Solutions and that, that they were conducting a survey and because of this they didn't have to adhere to the TPS.

They volunteered their contact details so that I could lodge a complaint.

I agree, their "loophole" is tenuous at best. I'm complaining to the TPS and ICO, for what it's worth.

<AOL>>Me too</AOL>

Who are you all compaining too? The DMA who administer TPS seem to ignore compaints and the Information Commissioner's office seem to be overworked.

I just recieved my first call from these jokers. I hope they record the calls, or have somepne listenin in, as I used extreemly strong & very loud language to let them know my point of view.
Houting at a computer may not acheive much, but it feels good!

I am also receiving regular calls from 0870 240 2559, but also a second number doing the same thing 0870 850 7618. The line hangs up on both these numbers whenever I pick-up. Also on TPS. Will report both numbers for what good it will do.

I've received a call from 0871 204 0196. Apparently there's a parcel waiting somewhere for me.I've tried to ring back twice but am put on hold and a message says I will have to wait as they are experiencing a high volume of calls! Is this a scam?

Just rung the 0870 240 2559 number and they very efficiently put my number on the "do not call" list' They also checked for another number I have at this address.

It's a pain having to do this, but it was a very short conversation and I wasn't put into any sort of a queue to extract money from me. Sooner the legislation is tightened the better.

Thanks for a very informative site. On Tuesday 05/09/06 we received a call as well "Hi this is Steve from DPS, you have a message awaiting collection, please phone 0871 204 0196 to speak to one of our live operators". Since we were expecting a bicycle parcel thru the post, I thought this was important and called. Put on hold for 10-15 mins, got to position 1 in the queue, then got cut off. We are registered with TPS but no good in this case. Flaming angry about it and wondering if there is anything we can do? We need a big list somewhere of s*** companies pulling scams like this or some way of nabbing them!

It seems obvious that these are all parts of the same scam. I got through the call, when I said I didn't have sky tv it said that I had won a holiday to turkey and should phone the 0870 number to claim my prize.

Very very dodgy in my opinion.

This DPS scam is still going and my Dad in Northern Ireland just had a message left on his answering machine asking him to call 0871 2040196 as he had something to collect. I called the number for him on my mobile and was told "all operators are busy, to get you message ring 0871 2044214. I rang it just to see what would happen but it didn't reply although there was a pause and then it rang again. I suspect they will make money from the call but I just wanted to have a go at someone.

As an update I got an answer phone message yesterday morning to say I had a message waiting and should ring 0871 204 3087. I tried to return the call and when I was put on hold and told I was 15th in the queue(!) I hung up. I googled the number but got nothing, they are obviously using a number of different phone numbers, so hopefully adding this comment with help others.

The 0208 216 2500 did not leave any msg on answerphone. I note that 2 days before I had been called by 0208 216 2500, also noted on a website as initiating unwanted calls. Are they connected, or passing numbers around like spammers?

I hit this entry by Googling the telephone number left on the answering machine (0871 2044214). My wife nearly called the return number before I pointed out it was a premium rate number.

Got the message on answer phone: Hi I am John from DPS we have a message awaiting your collection Dial 0871 204 3087 to speak to one of our live operators, rang and was put on hold so I hung up and checked the internet and found this site so scam is still on going

I've also just had a message left on 1571 of the sort,"This is Jon,you have a message awaiting... please ring 08712043087".Rang without really thinking,was told I was 5th in the queue,suddenly thought it could be premium rate,rang off,then rang BT and was told the calls cost 10p per minute to that line,so not quite the premium rate I thought it might have been.

Hi...I got the same message on answer phone yesterday,same number 0871 2043087.They said they were DPS and I had a message waiting from a live operator.I only heard the message this evening and called the number as I was expecting an important call.Had to listen to music for a couple of minutes...I was next in line it said...got through to an answer machine telling me to call back between 10am and 8pm mon-fri...hmmm...wondering how much this scam has cost me now..?

I somebody calls and deliberately hags up before you can answer it is classed as a nuisence call. In which case you complain to the operator of your phone provider. The penalty is up to six months in prision so they had better watch out.

Cheers guys. Just googled this number after receiving a message from Steve of DPS - 0871 204 3087 - won't be calling him back.

Thanks for this, I got the same. I suggest that anybody finding this page goes to http://www.bbc.co.uk/consumer/tv_and_radio/watchdog/contact_index.shtml and logs a complaint with Watchdog, as they seem to be exploiting what they see as a loophole, and a bit of embarrasing publicity might close the loophole or at least put these scammers out of business.

Yet again same as previous posts, message left on our answer machine "this is steve from DPS " bla bla bla etc etc phone 08712043087 to collect message....DONT DO IT....DONT PHONE BACK...THESE SCAMMERS WILL TRY ANYTHING TO RID YOU OF YOUR HARD EARNED. If you have a broad mind and would like to read how some people get back at email scammers, go to www.ebolamonkeyman.com ,this site is dedicated to humiliating the 419 Nigerian scammers, i came across it some time ago and fell off my seat laughing. Please please be aware that the site does contain quite a bit of bad language, definately not suitable for minors.

Oh my, I'm so pleased I googled the tel no of the message left today, saying pretty much the same as what I've just read on here, so thanks all for typing your experiences in... Message simply said... I'm John from DPS we have a message for you simply call 0871 204 3087 to speak to one of our live operators.. SO VERY pleased I haven't rung it! someone needs to do something about this, there are far more unsuspecting people out there! I feel lucky

This is teh website to register your number on to prevent . reduce silent calls. This has been endorced by TPS and I found teh link through their web site so should be OK to use.



Data Partnership Solutions (08702402559) are still at it! I received four calls over the past four days. I phoned their number yesterday and was told that my number would be removed from their list, but still received another call today.
I regret that my (unprintable) answers to the questions caused the call to be quickly terminated. The best plan is to keep feeding the robot voice with wrong information, and then to delay hanging-up for a few minutes after their machine terminates the call, as I believe this ties up their line for a while.

Great to have "security in numbers" ;-). We just got the "Hi, I'm John" message. Difficult to see quite what the scam is. Perhaps they get just enough of 10p/min (as someone else here says) to make it worthwhile. Anyway, knowing so many others have also received exatly the same means I for one won't ring!

Rang me today apparently enquiring as to whether I had Sky dish. I remained silent and after the voice patronised for a few minutes, it eventually told me to dial 1471 for their number so I could claim free flights or something. What does that have to do with Sky?!

Rang 1471 but did not call them; instead Googled the number and found this blog. Many thanks for posting it. Am on TPS and have complained to them, as well as Information Commissioner. Took advice of above post and wrote to Watchdog too. It seems from other forums on this issue that the TPS and IC have really done very little to stop these people, so hopefully going to the media will have a better effect.

I had a call from DPS on 26/9/06 asking me to call 0871 204 3087 to get my message...

Just received an automated call from the boys at 0870 2402559. Stupidly didn't google it first and rang them back to get details so I could register the complaint with TPS. Phone rang for a while and then didn't actually seem to connect, just went quiet. Will I be charged for this? Also keep receiving calls from 0870 2402473 which isn't automated. They are trying to sell me some kind of warranty cover for my Sky Dish. Has anyone else received calls from this number?

Just had a meesage left for 08712043087 from DPS (presumably Data Partnership Solutions). I don't think I'll bother to reply. This is the only Google link to that number.

Can't believe I was such an idiot! Called the "This is John from DPS... call 0871 2043087..." number after checking rate with BT. Fortunately hung up after only a minute, then it hit me what a scam this must be and I googled it. Clearly they must be making a packet even at 10p/min given all the e-mails on here. High time Offcom stopped this.

My parents just had a message from these scammers, the number that they called back was: 08712047040. The message was: Hi I'm Dexter from DPS...
I tried this on my mobile that had a quid left on it, (Just to be safe) to find out more about it and quit after 'Live operators, will be happy to help', they took 10p from my mobile, just hope that this was the same amount and not a penny more taken off the landline call to this scam.
Hope people become more aware of this scam and not become lead through this trap. I certainly will not proceed with this call from what I have read here! TOTAL SCAM

Hi guess what, I got a call from the 0871 204 3087 number too, with the same message from Jon. Decided to goole the number thankfully and got this very useful site. Did call the number for exactley two minutes and was put on hold just for curiosity. Will complain to watchdog. Hope nobody else gets caught

got the same message....cheers for the heads up everybody! watchdog will kick their a*#es

I too have TPS and am ex-directory, but it doesn't seem to help much. Apart from a number of recorded messages left on my a/phone over past couple of weeks, I took a call this morning, but a "live" voice just said "hello, hello", then hung up. Was expecting a call, so did a 1471 and called back the number: 0871 204 7040. Another DPS one... but I hung up after just a few seconds of the recorded message.

Am waiting for delivery of something and had message on 1571 for Hi this is John from DPS ring 08712043087 to collect message...as I live in small village thought was for delivery instructions and rang back...stupid...was on hold for 10 mins and 23 mins - a**holes

Just had the 0871 2043087 call on answerphone. Thought it might be a scam...so pleased that I googled it. Thanks so much!

Hi I received a call from DPS also, thanks to the info on this site I won't be calling them back. I am also on the TPS for all the good that has done.

Scammed tonight from this crap company ... hello, hello said the caller ... then hung up, unfortunately I dialed 1471 as I was expecting a call ... and was put onto a spoof holding system fot at least 10 minutes ... 0871 204 7040 ... I going to get BT to block payment on the call. To to everything I am registered on the callers preference service!

Got a call too last night, from a pathetic person saying hello, hello .. more than likely a recording though... Dialing 1417, found the number to be 0871 204 7040. Foolishly rang the number, only to be told by another recording, if you ring in response to a recent telephone call .. please hold the line. Several minutes later, and after having to endure some really horrible music hung up, I wonder how much that call cost, and how much of teh call cost they got. Searched for this number on a search engine, and found this site, thanks!! Seems to be my good old fiends at DPS, who don't get the message! Scamed three times before, all using different numbers, in as many weeks. First complainted to them, asking to speak to their MD, who strangely enough was not available, yeah... really scared, got speaking to a supervisor, that souned more like a 18 year old, controlling the whole opperation! Assured me that I would not receive any further calls, and I would be put on a priorty list to get my number off as soon as possible, ohh gee thanks I am so greatful that that!! A week later, another scam call from a real live breathing person, this time asking immediately to speak to the MD, much to their shock and hesitation, yet again no available, what does this guy do?? He's obviously frightend to speak to me, in hiding more like it! so got speaking to another supervisor, this time more mature .. same promise, and now same broken promise yet again. How are companies like this allowed to opperate? To top everything I'm exdirectory, and have been on the callers preference service for the 18 months!!! DPS, do me a favour .... no I can't print it here! Next tme I get a call from this company I will be taking legal action against them!

October the 1st and I have also received a message from John to call 0871 204 3087. Thanks for taking the trouble to leave your messages on this site.

Returned from Holiday 2nd October 2006. Rang 1571. Recording had been left "this is John of DPS Please phone 08712043087 to receive a message. I rang and had a series of recorded messages and music various before suspecting something was wrong.
Unfortunately I was expecting a parcel and had my guard down but I think I would have been taken in anyway.

Surely some body is reponsible for closing down these fraudulent operations. As far as I am concerned both DPS and BT have obtained money from me by deception.

Hi everyone, I also got the message on my answering machine to phone 0871 204 3087. The 1471 number was 0871 204 7040. I had no intention of calling but decided to google just to see what would come up.

Will go back up and find the complaint link.

Thanks for putting this info on the web. Much appreciated.

John also rang me because I apparently have a message awaiting collection we are expecting a parcel but as it sounded so dodgy my hubbie googled the number first great blog thanks for the info the number was 08712043087 cheeky robbing gits

Cheeky robbing gits ...? I'd call them something else, no.. I'll save that for when I speak to them. I too was scammed ... who exactly are DPS, who owns it, anyone know their address? Are these scamming voice recorded calls a away around the caller preference service system, as it's not a live call ??

PLEASE note this has NOTHING to do with my company dps at www.dps.uk.com - I've had a couple of people call me in anger accusing me off calling them.

Ditto here with the 0871 2043087 number. "John" left a message on my answerphone, something like "Hi, it's John here from DPS, you have a message waiting for you, please call 0871 2043087 to collect it". Thanks for the posts, I was suspicious and suspicion is now confirmed.

I've just called 0871 204 3087 and sat on hold for 5 mins then it cut off, grrr. Does anyone have an office number for these people? I seriously want to call them and give them a piece of my mind

Got the "Hi it's John..." message tonight and glad I googled the 0871 204 3087 number before considering calling back. The message sounded quite genuine, but something not quite right. It's the same with reading emails I suppose: Don't open emails from people you don't know.

Still at it, awaiting a an overseas call, so distractedly called, thought about the scam possibility and the premium rate con possibility, so hung up after a few minutes as I had reached the limit of importance of the message. I also thought, what a stupid idea - if the message is that important, then they will just have to try again.
So thought I'd google it, and here I am, just wished I'd done it first, but thanks for the tips about blocking and i think i'll be making a complaint on watchdog also. How pathetic.
Sorry this time number: 0871 204 3087..this is Steve blahdy blahdy blah.....disgusted at the waste of my precious time - thanks to EVERYONE who has posted here for the reassurance that it is indeed a gratuitous scam....I've a right mind to......!!!!!

Data Partnership, I've had problems too with this company, always comming through from a different number, which I've always tracked down to be DPS, and I'm too registered with the Callers Preference Service. Found an other interesting link on this company on


scrol down to Tue August 1st 2006 ... the first number given lets you speak to a real life person straightaway, but to be honest it's better asking to speak to a supervisor (you won't get the MD). The person who answers straight away wants to sell something, so be firm.

Hi Sorry Everyone .. make that last URL I gave


Scroll down to Aug 01, 2006


I had a phone message left at 1745 today from 'John at DPS' inviting me to phone 0871 204 3087. I checked 1471 and the call was made from 0871 208 4189. Some rubbish about having a 'message' to pick up from a 'live operator'... sounds very like a scam to me, particularly as 'John' didn't address me by name. Can BT/TPS/Ofcom put a stop to this?

Scamed tonight asked for me by my full name and middle initial, hey sounded really important, but said that he had immigrated!! Had the feeling it was a scam, dialed 1471, found the number to be 0800 0272500, which ofcourse .. a dead line. Googled the number and got an alternative number of 0870 840 7000 which is a MGT marketing .. Why can't all these marketing companies not all just P*** OFF!

Hopefully as I've immigrated I won't get any more calls from them!

Come back from holiday, had the I'm John on the 0871 204 3087 number. Thought it might be somebody trying to deliver a package , rang got the same runaround as others. Googled the number and found you. Not ringing them again

Paul wanted me to call back on 0871 2084190 form telephone number 0871 2084190 to pick up a message, thanks to all in this blog. They must be trying to fly under the radar by using a low cost premium rate so that prople will not complain while they rack up loads of small charges. I am registered with the TPS too.

I too received a call on my messaging service asking me to ring DPS. As I was expecting a parcel, and DPS sounded like a parcel delivery service I rang the number to be greeted with musak. I only waited a few seconds as 0871 numbers are costly. I, too, am registered with TPS. I then found your website by entering the phone number in Google. Thank you for putting my mind at rest - the parcel is still to come!

Just got a answerphone message from 'John at DPS' too - tel no: 0871 208 4190

TPS informed!

Just got a call from 0870 2402559 about "Do you have Sky TV". Googled the number and found this blog, so thanks for posting it. I'm on TPS too. Bloody scammers! Looks like TPS aren't interested (direct you to ICO) and ICO has far too many forms to fill out (although I might if this persists).

HI, also received message from "Hi Its Steve etc etc, please phone 0871 2084197, Googled number, glad to see my suspicions were right

Yeah... Me too. Thanks.

Hate to think that I might have been scammed.

I was waiting for a call from a friend whose baby is overdue and who may go into labour at any moment. She said that she'd send a mass message to all her friends and, as she often texts and I don't have a mobile, I thought that the message might come to me via my landline.

Unfortunately, I did have a message but not from her--"Hello, this is Paul from DPS. We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message, just call 0871 208 4190, OK, thanks!".

I thought that the long waiting time was because everyone else was queuing up to get news of the birth and I stayed on hold for 21 minutes . . .

Has anyone had success getting hold of these scammers? What am I likely to be billed for this and can I get my money back? Grrrrr.

One way to contact these Scammers is on
0870 240 2559, Data Partnetship Solutions ...
the person who answers the phone, almost immediately) is a sales agent, as for the managering director which immediately rattles their cage, you won't get him but ask for a senior supervisor ... tell him/ber to take you off all their lists, if you ask them where they got your number .. you get some cr*p that you need to write in .. (I'll say nothing). I told them if I received any more calls from them, or their assiciated companies that I would take legal action against them as I am registered with the TPS, and have been for 16 months!

Is anyone getting positive responses to their complaints to TPS and the Info Commissioner or is it just a case of 'leave it with us'? I'm being pestered by that 0870 robot.

Incidentally, that 21-minute call to an 0871 number has cost you roughly £2.10. These numbers cost about 10p a minute at any time.
There are lots of people ringing them back so these guys are making a lot of cash from this and they figure they will make the most of it until they are forcibly closed down. Question is when.

Why oh why did I not google this stupid company first!!!!!
I got the usual message from John at DPS who has a massage for me and of course I called and was held in a queue for 25mins when I eventually gave up. I am waiting for an important call and I was sure it was probably them so later on I phoned again from my MOBILE!!!!! Why!!!!
I was then on hold for another 25 mins then was cut off. Thats when I googled them and found this site.
Has anyone got a clue how much this is gonna cost from my mobile?? Is there anyway of not paying it??

I, too, received a call from a very polite-sounding 'John/Jon' requesting me to ring an '0871' number. Not suspecting a scam I rang the number a handful of times but each time I got 'you are number X in the queue' message and I rang off. Then I started to smell a rat. Who would be sending me an urgent message to an answering service when I'm easily contactable in at least half a dozen other ways? Who were DPS anyway? Five minutes on the Internet lead me to this thread and I am very grateful for the warnings.
DPS sounds very familiar to me. Have they run a scam involved text messaging? About a year ago I found my mobile phone bill had unexpectedly increased 300 percent!!! When I contacted O2 I was informed it was due to the fact that I had subscribed to a premium rate service which provided trashy, often vulgar, text messages and I was being charged about a quid for each message. I had NOT SUBSCRIBED to such a service and O2 were unwilling to help me. They said it was a matter between me and the company. However, I tracked down the company via O2 and I threaten the company with Ofcom. I said I would be sending transcripts of these 'filthy' messages to Ofcom. This stopped the text messaging pretty promptly. I was upset that O2 would not act upon to one of its customers.
I think the company who committed this text messaging fraud is possibly the same one that's running the '0871' scam. Has anyone heard of DPS in relation to the text messaging scam?

Have now whinged at TPS, Watchdog (following link on previous post) and the Information Commisioner's Office. The latter confirmed that these complaints are mounting up and that the practise definitely IS illegal. A form is being sent to me by post for my official complaint.

In order to register a complaint you need to contact the office via one of the following methods (I called the helpline)

Post: The Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
01625 545745 - Helpline
01625 545740 - Notification helpline
01625 545700 - Switchboard
Fax: 01625 524510

Their website is:


(Sorry if that doesn't work as a link. If all else fails do a copy and past with it.)

Remember to make a note of the date & time of the call, the number they used (1471 will provide this. This is enough info for the company to be identified.

Thanks for all the help previously found here. Hope my contribution will also help others.

Just to let you know - I received a DPS scam call this morning (October 9th at 11.15). This was a "hello, hello" type, then the line went dead, then I dialled 1471 and called them back before receiving an automated "one of our representatives tried to call". Complaint registered with the TPS. Thanks for this thread, which I found to make my complaint with (I *am* registered with the TPS BTW).

I received a call at 09.21 this morning which I missed so I 1471'd it (none of the numbers given above) and returned the call. I got a recorded message telling me that I was calling Data Partnership Solutions and the office was closed. I was given the opening hours 10am - ? I have TPS'd my number but I was half expecting a call back asking me my opinion about intermediate technology from the charity Practical Action. Is this the new charity line?

Same again, October 10 today picked up a couple of messages from John at DPS with 0871 208 4197. Thankfully, I didn't call (although I was just about to) and checked on Google. Have contacted Watchdog as they must be making a mint of this, the cheeky swines.

Same again,james from dps rang to say ive got some messages to collect phone this number-08712084197,thanks to this site i didnt try and collect the so called messages...These buggers want bull whipping...

DPS are now using the number 0871 208 4197 for their scams, I suspect they have bought a whole range of DDI's I got three calls today on my answerphone from them. Simular message but without the phrase "to speak to a live operator" on the end.

I got a message on my answering machine today saying there was a message waiting and could I call 0871 2084197. I called but when I was told I was in a queue I hung up. Then I googled the number and found this site. Cheeky b*****s. I am registered with the TPS.

The Information Commissioners office acknowledged my complaint today and said they were investigating DPS and assdociated company Satcover. Found this cutting.. They've been doing something similar for a long time.
Now they are just looking for the 3p per minute revenue from the phone call to 0870. So they're quite happy for you to ring them up and complain - as long as you do it by calling one of their 0870 or 0871 numbers. Absolute swines.
Police will consider complaints of harrassment if exact times are provided.

Daily Mirror
19 May 2005


SKY subscribers beware, if you haven't had a call from Subscriber Services yet you will soon.

The company makes 25,000 cold calls a week, each one starting: "Hello, I'm calling from Subscriber Services regarding the manufacturer's warranty on your Sky television system, which has expired."

The sales rep, on a fiver commission for each new client, then tries to sell a warranty for £65 a year.

But the caller is not actually from the satellite broadcaster, but an outfit that trades as Satellite Direct UK, Satcover, HomeCare, Skycare Service Agreements and Subscriber Services.

It claims more than 400,000 clients, including Judy Brooks of Wakefield, West Yorks, who insists: "They said they were part of Sky Digital."

When her system broke down, she phoned Sussex-based Satellite Direct, only to be told that it couldn't get an engineer to her for three weeks.

Then she called Sky, which said it would have fixed it the next day.

Subscriber Services and its sister companies are owned and run by 40-year-old David Reynolds, driver of two Lexus cars with personalised plates.

He blamed the delay in reaching Judy on sub-contracted engineers.

"We have rectified all the problems by employing our own engineers and the call-out time in that area is one to two days," he told us.

But could his staff's sales pitch mislead people into thinking the call is from Sky itself?

"If somebody says they are unhappy, if they tell us they took out our warranty by mistake or that we are not who they thought we were, we give a full refund," he pledged.

I got scammed but only for a few seconds as office shut!! then decided to put number on google.
Called at 10:49a.m. 11th October 2006 message left on answer service
"Hi this is James from DPS we currently have a message awaiting your collection, to collect your message just call 0871 2084197 thanks"

I got called at 4am this morning by 0870 2402559 - also registered with TPS. I hope the organisation responsible is put out of business shortly.

I just got a call from this idiots. But when I put the phone down and then picked up to make a seperate call, they were still there, recording still playing out!

My sister had a call from james asking her to call 0871 2084197 to retrieve a message. she was very worried as her ex husband is in hospital. luckily she cant dial out from her phone and asked me to phone it and get the message. luckily i thought to google the number before i phoned. i did try finding out the cost of the call from bt website but it was very confusing. lucky i found this website

Hi all just recieved a call from DPS saying there is a message waiting. Was suspicious but still called and was on hold for 3 mins before thinking ok maybe not. Contacted TPS and trading standards. DPS seem to have a new number 0871 208 4192.

I'm in the club too. 'This is nitwit from DPS, call 0871 208 4197 to put my kids through college'. I'd rather not if it's all the same..

DOH !!! They got me too!!! I came home from work to a message on my answer phone saying i had a message waiting and to call 0871 208 4197 to collect it. I called the No. and hung on for about 2 mins before I thaught I was gettin scammed.

I got in this evening to find THREE missed calls from 0871/0845/0800 numbers, all from different companies. I thought they were scams but rang each one back to see if there was anyone there I could have a go at! One was DPS (on 0871 208 4198) and another was a company called LBM but at least that was 0800 and they gave a free number to call to be removed from their list.

Hi I got the "the hello this is James from DPS". Like a fool I rang back on 08712084197, waited 5 mins, then hung up. I feel like a fool but I was wating for a call from a company. Once bitten and all that. These people should be closed down.

Found your site by Googling 0870 850 7618 which has been calling my line several times a week when I'm out. They never leave a message and on principal I will never call a 0870 number back to see who it is.
I see only one other person on here has noted this number. Does anyone know who it is? Is it our DPS friends again ?

It's incredible that so many of us are falling for this scam. I would normally never call such a number but unfortunately I was away when I received the message that a voicemail had been left on my landline from DPS (to call 0871 208 4197). I am sure there is a delivery company with similar initials so I phoned FROM MY MOBILE and held for 15 minutes as I'm expecting some important tickets. I gave up as I was swiftly transferred from one piece of music to another for the duration of the call. O2 have confirmed that the 0871 number will be charged at 35p per min but that the call had not registered on my bill/account, even curiouser?! Seems that the easiest way to complain is to ring the Info Commisioners Office on 01625 545745 although all agencies appear to be fairly toothless in light of the weight of evidence at their disposal. Good luck guys!

Just to let every body know that 0871-208-4197 is still being used under the name of "information services" BT state that this is a 10p a minute line

My Aunt on return from holidays 3 days ago, replied to message left on her answer mach. stating:
"James from 'DPS', we cannot leave your message at your location, to call collect on 0871 208 4197"

The number the call came from was 0871 208 4196.

Today in the 'Sunday Life' newspaper (NI).
They state that last year a 'Mail Fraud' was being reactivated in Northern Ireland, from the mainland last year...And toreport to the police.

The same number is being used 0871 208 4197, However they state there is a £15.00 per call rate applied to the number.....

Dirty wrotten scoundrels!

Veronica, re 0870 850 7816 try link http://www.saynoto0870.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1156778278 for info on your call

i got a message on the answer machine from james from dps, saying i had to collect a message and he gave me this number 08712084197. my mum rung it and stayed on the phone for about 5 minutes and then got annoyed and hung up! we are waiting for a deliverey from ebay, and thought it might have something to do with that....obviously not!

Let's try that one again. FAO David Weaver or any others wondering about 0870 850 7816 try this link http://www.saynoto0870.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1156778278

Hi, I got a call from 'Paul' on 0971 2084197 0n Saturday. I didn't return the call but contacted BT who, rather worryingly, said "No, it's not a premium rate number and it's not a scam. Just ignore it. I'm sure they'll call back if it's important". Yes, I'm sure they will.

Ooops! My call on Saturday came from 0871 208 4197 NOT 0971. Sorry.

Hi, just had a message "please call Paul from the information team could I ring back to get a message left for me on 0871 2084197" my Dad has had a recent spoof call from DPS as well. Googled the number and found this. My dad and I are both registered with TPS.

I had the message to phone 0871 208 4197 but took advice and googled before making a call. Now I am not going to.
I wonder whether the Telephone service provider (similar to BT) is in on the scam so that the two of them share the whole 10p.
One wonders why the Authorities are so slow.

I have also been contacted with a message asking me to call back 08712084197. Thanks to all here for alerting me to not call back.

Can i ask if everyone who has been contacted in this manner are Sky customers, as per Ian's note from October 11th?

I am a Sky subscriber and wondered if our phone numbers are being passed on to 3rd parties by Sky?

Hello Julian,

Thank you for your email.

Your request for information has been passed to the Network Abuse Team and we are able to provide the following information:

The company who has contacted you (DPS) is a market research company, the contact details we have for DPS are as follows;

Information Team
Suite 600
One Commerce Centre 1201
Orange Str
PO Box 511

Email Contact: infoteamuk@yahoo.co.uk

In addition we are able to request your telephone number is removed from the DPS call database, if you can provide this information we will submit this for removal.

If you require any more assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tony Eames
Network Abuse Engineer
Telstra Europe Limited

Got in from a day out found this message on my phone.
"Hi this is Paul from the Information Team we currently have a message awaiting your collection, to collect your message just call 0871 2084197 thanks"
Rang the number as I was expecting some information on a project. Was kept on hold with various messages – “Thank you for holding, your call is important to us”!!!! etc. (Plus bits of music!) Then sussed it was a SCAM!!! Now expecting a bigger phone bill! Can anything be done about recovering these SCAM costs?

You have to understand that it is absolutely no good complaining to your telephone company, whoever it might be. As the major telco, BT is the worst of all! In fact, this whole scam ultimately derives from BT attempting to maintain their monopoly position in the face of falling voice call prices. The truth is that the telcos get a slice of the call income from these premium rate 087x numbers, and it is definitely NOT in their interest to block these calls. It may not be much individually, but when multiplied by the millions of scam calls that have been answered, it starts to add up very quickly. You could try complaining to Ofcom, but as they seem to be completely in league with the telcos (and probably getting an underhand slice of the profits as well, if only in kind), then it appears that you just have to put it down to living in Rip Off Britain......

Received a message from DPS today - fortunately pinged the number on Google first as it didnt make immediate sense to me - found this thread. I have an 01932 prefix phone number ... just in case they're targetting areas - we can follow their slow, decrepid crawl through the exchanges.

Watchdog - you listening ?

god damn just been pinched 08712084197 called today! ive been expecting a call to do with a package so when i missed the phone mistakenly thought it might be them and quickly phoned it back where it took me on to automated message saying this is the collection team blah blah blah we are busy at present but we know your waiting and we are trying to answer your call (some nice music to boot and repeated apoligies for waiting)23 minutes before i got suspious and started to question the code hung up and checked answering machine i had a message from paul at the collections team please call 08712084197 to retreive your message, then i knew it was a scam why wouldnt you just leave my message there and then you ass holes! googled the number and bingo find out i aint the only stupid fuck out there!


I got a call from 0871 208 4197 - Paul. Thought it sounded a bit dodgy. Knew 0871's weren't too expensive, but when I dialled I got dead tone last night.

Searched google today. found this site. glad I couldn't get through!

Just got a call from "Paul" at the information team asking me to call him back on 0871 2084197 as he had a message for me. So glad i googled the no. before i rang. They should have their bits cut off!

I too have just had a 1571 message from a guy who's name I have not remembered. 0871 208 4197 was the number he asked me to call him back on to collect my 'message'. I imagine it not to be along the lines of 'Thank you for paying money into our account'. Rather annoying. Thanks google and everyone above who made it clear that it is total rubbish.

GOt the same message - from 'Paul'. These people are awful. We're lucky we are aware of these scams and are able to google numbers and all that. Think how much money these sick selfish people are making from elderly people or people who have no idea and no easy access to the web. SOmething serious needs to be done to stop these fraudsters!!

Just had a message left on 1571 by Paul from the "information team" please ring 0871 208 4197 to collect a message. Thanks to this blog i will not be bothering.

had a phone call today from dps saying i have a letter waiting for collection, did not think at the time and rang the number, got cut off twice but the third i stayed on, i heard a man in the background saying retrieve and walking around his house. it was too quite to be a office the number was 07099904736

Hi, the're still at it. Saturday 27 October 2006. Just had an american sounding automated message. Also registered with TPS. Will be sending a complaint. I have an 01827 number.

have informed Watch dog about DPS and left the mobile number i phoned back
The pack of Bas**rds im only 18 and i dont know about scams till i found this website after!!

how can they use so many numbers? this mobile number was obviously some blokes number

i hope this mans next Sh*t feel like a headgehog holding a pinapple in his hand!!!

i hope this mans next S**t feel like a headgehog holding a pinapple in his hand!!!

Just been hit by the 0871 208 4197 scam . This was a 'This is the information team ,you have a message, please phone 'version .As I was expecting a message I rang back.I was put on hold and hung up after 21secs.
Sadly only found this site AFTER, keep up the good work!.
BT tell me the cost is 10p a min with a 3 p set up charge and it's rounded up to a minute so that's 13p for the first minute and 10p thereafter- oh and no they cant do anything about it!

I just received a call from 0871 2084196. The phone was right next to me so I answered with the standard 'WHAT?' to unknown callers. Someone said 'hello' a few times and then disconnected before I could tell him where to go.

Hello, I also just received a message from 0871 2084197 asking me to phone that number to retrieve my message. So i came and googled the number and this is what I found, just letting you know it's still around

0870 2402559 Data Partnership Solutions rang us four separate times (to my knowledge). My number is on the TPS.

What 'entertained' me was that all four calls rang ONLY THREE RINGS - in other words designed to ring off before I got the chance to answer - I rang 1471 and called the number back (at my expense) to be confronted with a d*ck asking if I would like to complete the 'survey'.

I said I would like to make a complaint and was told by some snotty male voice "that they were entitled to call me as they were a survey company and not sales, and No I can't be removed their database either" and then they promptly hung up on me - Charming! NOT.

Of course I have made a complaint to the TPS.

Phil B

Had a message from 0871 2084197 this morning and googled it before I did anything else!! Thanks for the info on the site, much appreciated

Found a message on my phone the other day too lazy to listen to it until today. Glad I googled it and found this blog. The cynic in me knew it was a scam. Not addressing me personally. 0871 no. no ref number.


Just had 1471 give me 0870 240 2559 so googled it and found my way here.

We are also registered with TPS and ex-directory, a lot of posters mention this above and I almost wonder if the calls are taregtting such number.

Three calls from 0870 2402559 in the last two days, to a central London number. No messages left. Glad to have all the information you provide here.

Hi, googled the number they used (2 numbers on consecutive nights) and found this. They said "Hi, this is John/Paul from the information team".... I almost called as thought it was some sort of new telemessage or something as just celebrated a birthday but was suspicious as no company or organisation was specifically mentioned. Perhaps theyre using "The information team" to be both nondescript yet official sounding. I'm signed up to TPS o will report it.

I too had Paul from the information centre.

Have phoned BT and they've made a note in their nuisance calls area. Also say phone ICSTIS on 0800 500 212 to report it.

In a similar vain - someone calls saying "hello - hello - hello" and hangs up. First time got tricked (doh) into calling back the non-witheld CLD and got held indefinately. Similar (obviously recorded) originating from
0871 208 4196 and 0871 240 9000.

Reported to BT nuisance calls dept, their response - "nothing we can do, no point to give us the numbers, entirely legal", hmm!

Received a 1571 message yesterday from 'Paul on the information team' asking me to call 0871 208 4197 to pick up a message. Suspected a scam as no company name given but as I was expecting a delivery phoned the number today. Long wait to get through to eventually speak to someone who explained they are a 'market research company' and had phoned to see if I would participate in their research. When I asked for the name of the company, the operator hung up. I've reported them to Ofcom - anyone else should do so too as I was told they will monitor the number of complaints before taking action. I am also going to contact Watchdog. I think it's shocking that this outfit clearly operating a scam is allowed to keep going.

Today I recieved the automated call about 'do I have a sky dish', from the exact same number that this blog was written about.

Thats 5 months since the author reported them.
Your complaints to TPS/Oftel/Icstis/etc etc arent doing any good it seems.

Why is this company allowed to bend the rules in this way. Are the telecom authorities really so powerless/incompetent that they cant slap a fine on them?

I too received one of these calls today and hung up

Data Partnership Solutions registered offices are at this firm of accountants in East Sussex. One recommendation might be calling them to advise them that this particular company has a questionable manner of business. If someone has access to Companies House records for this company, with the Directors personal details, please post it here on this page

Data Partnership Solutions

UHY Hacker Young
168 Church Road
Brighton & Hove
East Sussex

General Enquiries:
Richard Simmons
Tel: 01273 726 445
Fax: 01273 731 821

I have just recieved an automated call from the company.

Does anyone have a land line number to contat them?

I have repeatedly had 'silent' calls from Data Solutions Partnership and despite specking to someone who agreed to remove my details I received another call this morning, three weeks after my number had been "removed". I have complained to all the usual bodies who are (laughingly) supposed at act against such things but its obvious that this company is making fools of us all. I have also complained to my MP. I too wish that Companies House posted a phone number.

My post in this thread was published on Saturday but now you have removed it along with some porno spam that was nothing to do with me.


It was not spam and it was a particularly detailed description of the scam methods of Data Partnerships Solutions/Satellite Direct.

So much for Hacking Cough. More like Short Attention Span if you ask me.

I can't be bothered to make my whole post again unless I can have an absolute guarantee it will not be arbitarily deleted without good reason.


It wasn't deleted on purpose. The software that drives this site was upgraded late Saturday, which may have led to it being killed off or it might have been caught up in a manual spam clearout by mistake. Please repost it - I'll keep an eye out for it.


Hi just googled this number as i just recieved a message on the phone saying i hadmessages to collect...found your page seems its the same scam different( only slightly number)

Another number to add to the list, given by "James from the Information Team": 0871 208 9403

I received a message on the anwer machine today from James from the Information Team (0871 208 9403). I was suspicious and found this site on google.

Definitely still going. It no longer mentions DPS though. The number i had was 0871 208 9404 to collect my "message". Interestingly (or not) the number it was sent from is masked as "Msg Alert".

My answering machine took a message this morning at 9.20 from 'James' who said there 'was a message waiting for me' and that I should call back on 0871 240 9000. From 1471, I found out that this number was also the one used by 'James' to call me. No company name given, didn't ask for me by name. Clearly a scam.

Today I received a 1016 call From 'James' at the 'Information Team' asking to call 0871 240 9000 to retrieve a message. I have registered throught TPS so started looking online and found a number of messages warning not to call.

Is there an online database that can be queried about who has registered 0870/0871 numbers?

Just found information on http://www.ukphoneinfo.com/section/tci/sns.shtml which seems to point to a company called 'Elite Limited'. This is a computer related company according to Companieshouse.

I have just had a call from the 0870 2402559 number and this isn't the first time. It was the first time I managed to do a 1471 and do a little digging.

This sort of thing is completely scandulous - like we are talking about automated phone spamming!

Have just had a call from this number and did a bit of searching around. It seems the number is allocated to a company called Citrus Telecommunications, and according to Companies House their registered address is:


Anyone in Bournemouth want to go round and have a word?

James from the 'Information Team' is now using a different number, asking us to call him back on 0871 208 9407... I am also registered with TCS!

'Information Team' is using number as per William Sonuk, I had 2 calls on my answering machine, foolishly called one but hung up after 2 mins.

Ah-ha 0870 240 2559 has called me again.
25th November 2006 at 20:15

This time I was called by an automated dialer with a recorded message. The message claimed that the caller was called "SouthCover" or similar.

DPS collect information for / on behalf / share the same address as Satellite Customer Services www.scsluk.com

Junk em, phreak em, spam em , what-ever, if they stop employing the service maybe we'll stop getting these call's.

01243 869909 Sales
01243 824888 Technical Help
01243 824666 Fax

Hours of operation: 9:00am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday
By Post
Imperium House, Ford Lane, Ford, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 0DF
PO Box 270, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2WX
By E-mail

Have received a few calls from James at Information Store over the last couple of days
They are using this number as well 08712089407 (added for google benefit)

I can see that the number is registered via Telstra Europe, has anyone had any joy contacting them to see if they will suspend the service?

They're still at it - got the "robot" call from 0870 240 2559 today. The company named was "SatCover". I'll be reporting them to TPS, etc. but more in hope than expectation...

Justlogging another unsolicited, computer generated call from "satcom" at 0872402559. We too are on TPS, for what it is worth. I said nothing and it soon hung up.

I've been getting calls from 0870 240 2559 as well.
They seem to ring four or five times in a week and then leave it for a week or two and then start again. I thought it would be a scam, but only just found this site!

Fortunately, I've never answered when they've rang. Thank god for "caller display"! (and yes, I'm on TPS as well)

Got a call at 09:45 this morning which I missed, but CLI caught as 0870 240 2559. I didn't call back, but just got round to Googling the number and here I am...

We had a call from this number at 16:34 this afternoon. First one that I'm aware of, and yes we are registered with the TPS.

The call was terminated as soon as I picked up the phone, I had wondered if it was a scam so I didn't return the call as its an 0870 number. This evening I found this site through Google.

Some information regarding "The Information Team Scam".

I had the message and called, and had the same experience as everbody else. I then researched it on the internet.

I called Telstra to report the abuse / scam being. I spoke with Tony Eames.

He claimed that "The Information Team" was not a scam or abuse. He claimed that "The Information Team" was, and I quote, a "Legitimate Business", carrying out legitimate work.

When I asked the nature of this work, he claimed they were a market research company.

I then put it to him that nobody has so far had their call answered.

He continued to insist that "The Information Team" is legitimate. Of course he would, as Telstra recieve a cut of the call.

Telstra and Tony Eames are complicit in this scam.

Just had a call that I didn't manage to answer as the phone rang off after 5 rings, so i did 1471 & got the number 0870 2402559. I didn't recognise the number & guessed it was premium rate, so i googled it & found this page.

I am also registered with TPS & will be reporting the call.

I also got the call this afternoon and didn't pick up, it was left on my answering amchine.. "Hi, this is James from the information team, we have a message for you, can you please call us on 0871 2089405".

I was informed all their agents were busy and that I would be put in a queue, I waited 30 seconds then hung up and came to google to see how much an 0871 number might cost me. Thats when I found this site.

Thank you everyone, I've got onto the guys at Telestra Europe who own this range of 0871 numbers, who informed me that it was unethical and not illegal and not much they could do except give me their details where they are based in America.

I phoned them straight back on 0800 856 600 and chose option 5 (for other, which turns out to be support), spoke to someone else requesting my number be removed from their databass as I was TPS and they are scammers and rammed my point home.

I was informed that they were not 'hosting' these 0871 numbers but had only sold a batch onto another reselling company Liquid11 (dot co dot uk), and it is they in fact who need to pull the plug on the information team, as it is they who are hosting/reselling the numbers to the individuals concerned in this scam, not Telestra who sold them onto this other 0871 hosting company.

Now if you go on their website liquid11 dot co dot uk you will see they have a web contact form and a telephone number. If enough people call them/fill in the form to complain (Ask for complaints manager) about them using their services for a scam and that they are smashing the UK with this recorded message scam even to people who are TPS (Telephone Preference Service), then we have a better chance of finally getting rid of this UK scam. So.. Please get onto liquid11 lets get rid of these bast**ds yeh?!!

Thanks everyone

Just had a call from 0870-2402559. It only rang twice as I was expecting a call and ran to answer the phone. I am also registered with the TPS but wasn't sure what I could do about unsolicited calls where there is no-one to speak to. Couldn't find an alternative number on Saynoto0870.co.uk so did a search and found this page. Now I know who the company is I will complain to them (if I an find a 'normal' number for them) and, if I get no joy, to TPS. This is not the only number guilty of ringing twice and then hanging up. Have had quite a few recently, I presume trying to get me to call them back so that I pay the call charges rather than them!

I am the owner of one of the many telemarketing companies mentioned here. We are a lifestyle survey company. We call many consumers around the UK to find out their lifestyle habits and preferences. This information is then sold to reputable companies for marketing purposes. Every person called should be informed as to the purpose of the call and to the end use of the information. The idea behind this form of data collection is to cut down on 'junk mail' and unsolicted calls by making the marketing literature you receive more relevant to your needs. I acknowledge that some of the practices have been dubious and that many mistakes have been made along the away. It has been a learning curve for all involved and I can only apologise to you for the inconvience caused and assure you that should you ask for your name to be removed from the database, it will be and to let you know that the infrastructure within the company has had a complete overhaul.

Ok, Vikki, what is your real telephone number so that I can ring to complain and remove my name from your list? Not your 0870 number as this just costs me money and makes you more.

Even better why not have an 0800 number we can call or a web site to register a complaint. You could even put voice recognition software on the 0800 number to automate the complaint & name removal process (as we know you know how that works!). HOWEVER, I doubt if you'll do either!

I rang the firm of accountants where DPS are registered as suggested by a blog on 3rd Nov 06.....

"I too received one of these calls today and hung up
Data Partnership Solutions registered offices are at this firm of accountants in East Sussex. One recommendation might be calling them to advise them that this particular company has a questionable manner of business. If someone has access to Companies House records for this company, with the Directors personal details, please post it here on this page
Data Partnership Solutions

UHY Hacker Young
168 Church Road
Brighton & Hove
East Sussex
General Enquiries:
Richard Simmons
Tel: 01273 726 445
Fax: 01273 731 821
Posted by: Concerned Person at November 3, 2006 5:27 PM"

.....they weren't impressed that I called to complain about DPS. Richard Simmons said that if they stopped them being registered there then they would only go elsewhere. Granted, this is true, but at least it will be a small annoyance to them! So, why not give dear old Richard Simmons a call...:)

I rang the firm of accountants where DPS are registered as suggested by a blog on 3rd Nov 06.....

"I too received one of these calls today and hung up
Data Partnership Solutions registered offices are at this firm of accountants in East Sussex. One recommendation might be calling them to advise them that this particular company has a questionable manner of business. If someone has access to Companies House records for this company, with the Directors personal details, please post it here on this page
Data Partnership Solutions

UHY Hacker Young
168 Church Road
Brighton & Hove
East Sussex
General Enquiries:
Richard Simmons
Tel: 01273 726 445
Fax: 01273 731 821
Posted by: Concerned Person at November 3, 2006 5:27 PM"

.....they weren't impressed that I called to complain about DPS. Richard Simmons said that if they stopped them being registered there then they would only go elsewhere. Granted, this is true, but at least it will be a small annoyance to them! So, why not give dear old Richard Simmons a call...:)

To Whom it may Concern:

I am one of the Managing Directors at Satellite Customer Services Ltd. This is in reference to comments made by Phil on November 25, 2006 which have just been brought to our company's attention. We are not affiliated with DPS or any of the companies quoted above. DPS does not acquire data on our behalf and never will. They do,however, acquire data for Sat Cover and Satellite Direct Ltd. which are directly connected to them. For your reference DPS, Sat Cover and Satellite Direct are all owned by a Dave Reynolds and the head office for those companies is the address at Imperial House in Ford. Also note the rest of the contact details provided by Phil are incorrect as they belong to us and I consider this to be deliberately misleading to say the least. Satellite Customer Services have never and will never operate a computerized dialing system for any reason. I would suggest to Phil that he verify the accuracy of his information before publishing it on the internet, and also to consider the fact that libelous and slanderous accusations are grounds for civil suits. I also suggest to all concerned on this forum, that you contact West Sussex Trading Standards if you are having problems with computerised calls from DPS or any other company associated with it, especially if you are registered for TPS. Kind Regards, Shanna-Rae Hyde, Managing Director of Satellite Customer Services Ltd.

Just got scamed today again, from that Prat James, from the information team .. probably not his real name, told them before to remove my number ... now they are in big sh1t!

Just had a call from these jerks, i didn't answer it but my answering machine did. It sounds like they speeded up the speech a little on purpose to make it prcatically impossible to tell what was said, but i believe it was something like "please call for our address", a pause, then "hello..." followed by a repeat. First thing i did was google the number (they don't hide the number or the scam wouldn't work), it was 08702402559, a slight variation on the previous numbers i found on Google of 08702240559. So i did the sensible thing, ignored it. Don't allow them succes, don't call back, complian to the TPS (although i'm not sure this is much use given the type of call and the fact that they get you to call them). The TPS doesn't do a deal anyway, it might be worth going direct to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), maybe if enough people do that they will take notice.

These people are still going. Got a call this evening from 0870 240 2559 but they hung up before I could get to the phone.

I found your blog via SAYNOTO0870.com, which didn't have the number on its list, but did direct me to a Google search, which found your blog at the top of the list.

Like you, I am registered with the TPS. Not sure yet whether I shall bother complaining to them or to ICSTIS.

Just had a call myself. The usual automated message, asking me if I was a Sky customer; I said nothing and it repeated the question. I think I may have muttered an obscenity at this point and it swiftly told me to call: 08702 402 559 to receive my prize (gasp!) a holiday for two to Turkey.

After reporting the call to TPS and doing a bit of research, I rang the number and spoke with 'Will' - a fairly friendly chap who said he was 'well aware' that it's a shoddy way to do business but was adamant the company doesn't breach TPS regulations because it was not a direct marketting call. When I put it to him that calling me on behalf of a marketting company made it a marketting call, he said it was the company's view that technically it did not. He did agree to remove my telephone number from their list but said I may still receive automated calls over the next 5 days.

Thanks for all the useful comments on this blog - an excellent resource. I am absolutely disgusted with the way 'Data Partnership Solutions' has cynically (and, in my legal opinion, unsuccessfully) attempted to slip though a loophole in the TPS regulations and I will be writing to them separately.

A bit of calling around and the help of BT Directory Enquiries allowed me to obtain a number for 'Satellite Direct': 01243 555 703.

However, after a few rings this takes you to a voicemail: 'Thank you for calling Satellite Direct, our offices have now relocated, please dial: 08702 245 777'. The plot thins...

I have had a call from these people today - I got straight onto the TPS website to log a complaint - then I realised I had the same call last year. I phoned them last year using the 1471 and was told my number would be removed - it seems that was a total lie. It is a simple scam and I fell for it again. I shall get onto the accountants Mr Simmons (thankyou for that contact) and waste a bit of his time and money.
Shall also try Ofcom - but they don't seem to do much. I shall also try the trading standards people in west sussex. In my experience they can do things others can't.

I received a call toady but they hung up before I could get to the phone - the telephone number given to me after dialling 1471 was 0870 240 2559 which I typed into my web browser and this page was the first that appeared. Some of you guys have also experienced these sales calls where they expect you to call them back out of curiosity! Needless to say I did call them and told them that they have alot of bad press on the web and that I was going to add to it!

Two different names and numbers with the same message: 'Hi, this is Paul / MCS from the information team, we are trying to to leave a message awaiting your collection to collect your message . Therefore you just have to call 0871 208 4197 / 0871 240 1400'. Some one obviously thinks they are really clever for thinking this one up; my only hope is that no elderly or vulnerable person got worried and rang the number. Why is this not illegal? I didn't call back and am really grateful to websites like this which exist to nail these crooks.

i work for dps its wikid

Not wanting to offend anyone but whats the big deal. These numbers charge 10p per min from a BT landline. 5 mins = 50p. How can people get so stressed about that. The banks however,have been using them and make hundreds of millions from them.That irritates me cos they already rip us off with 800% fines etc.

0870 850 7618 - a person called me saturday lunch asking to speak to the homeowner. I said "there isn't one on this number..". Then he asked - "is the house rented?" I said "no.." he said "so the house isn't rented and there's no homeowner..? ", "..not on this number" I replied and he swiftly hung-up. Ahem, there are some strange people in the country, and they need a good kick in the backside..

There's another number these b*st*rds are using: 0871 2303 338. Thank God I googled it first and came to this site. Don't call this number (I haven't tried it, but it was the same message from Jon or whatever his name is).

08702402559 rang me - but a different automated script. "Had I had an accident in the last 12 months for which I was not responsible?"

I declined to answer. It repeated the question (automated female voice) and then dropped the call. Number is registered with TPS and complaint filed with TPS. But reading the above I really should not have wasted my time. If only I could waste their telephone system. But I guess I'd be done for criminal damage ...

They're still at it - they called today but I was unable to answer - I Googled the number and found this blog. A fat lot of good the complaints to TPS and OFCOM have made. Anyone got a good MP? We haven't.

We got a call tonight on 0870 2402473 which rang three times then cut off.

My partner did 1471 and called them back - they then tried to sell her "something to do with satellite stuff2.

Looks like they are still up to their scams.

And just for the search engines ......

08702402473 0870 240 2473

I am also receiving these calls and at present I am ignoring them. however I ahve been doing some research and this is what I have come up with.

DPS have a registered address of 168 Church road, Hove, BN3 2DL. this however is an accountants address and not DPS.

But if you dig a little deeper and look outside of the box at 140 Church road, Hove, BN3 2Dl there is a company called Team Telecom who provide direct marketing solutions and to quote their website "Short surveys covering such subjects as client satisfaction using multiple choice answers (participants could be eligible for a prize"

Look at their website http://prmovox.co.uk take some time to look at the services they provide and they even make reference to the TPS legalities.

To my mind this is probably DPS and they are simply trying to put people off the scent by sending them to an address a few doors down (To a building they [probably own!) who would know they were so close!!

If anyone wants it the proper address for DPS is Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
Kingsway House,
134-140 Church Road
Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DL
Tel 0845 222 0033
Fax 0845 222 0034

I think i shall be taking a trip down there to confront them in person.

And they are offering free 0870 telephone numbers!! put all the pieces together and this company is providing limitless 0870 numbers, direct automated telephone surveys and a call centre! everything the scammers need to run the scam!

I've been getting calls from 0870 2402559,
so I thought I'd have a closer look at DPS.
There are two directors David Reynolds & Jonathan Pooley. Pooley's wife Victoria is also a shareholder.
Jonathan and Victoria are also directors of "The Data Partnership Ltd". They have a website at
You may find the contact phone numbers useful!
(Chris: feel free to email me for more info on these people if you want!)

Another number to avoid with the "Hi, this is John"electronic message, which I didn't find on Google, so hopefully will now! 0844 5590001

hey i used to work for DPS if you want there call center address its floor 3 ridgeland house, dyke road brighton , its just up from seven dials.
Just a quick warning any details you give out in the telephone survey are sold on to junk mail companys.
Also you will be happy to know they reciently got sued by sky and had to discontinue a lot of the survey and sales calls and i believe now sell window cleaning.
Also the automated phone call about a message was a scam we were told to mute the phone and pretend to look for john then to come back and say he wasn't here right now but we woulkd like to offer you free flights etc.

Re telephone number 08702 402 473, yes they are scam artistist but has no one yet figured out why they haven't been put out of business yet? that's because they are not who they say they are! they are simply collecting data including financial information. Having been plagued by lots of weird telephone calls (from various geographic locations) and being on the TPS list I have a conclusion why they have not been shut down and why they are thriving namely - I have a strong belief they are a data collection company working with other debt collection companies such as 'HFO services' to gather personal information about you so that they can complete thier records and as such procecute people that have run away from debt spanning years. simple really. why else are they still in business and why haven't watchdog or the TPS acted before now? this has been going on for years - surely some official body would have stopped this before now? wouldn't they? the only reason they are still in business is because they are not selling you anything, in principle they are telephone detectives collecting information, that's all, yes this might be illegal but if they can prove that it is a genuine investigation thay can get away with it.