Endemol's get-rich-quick scheme

8 August 2006

Who is the most dumb in this situation? The people in the Big Brother house getting voted on or off? Or those paying 50p a throw to vote them on or off - and then complain en masse to Ofcom when the programme producer Endemol decided to sneak in an extra vote? Rather than just say "to hell with it" and turn over to watch something with a vague hint of neural stimulation, close to a thousand decided to ring up the regulator, Ofcom, and moan about Endemol's greed.

In this case, Endemol has said it won't profit from the latest wheeze - the profits will go to charity, the company claimed. However, the company has made no secret about its willingness to make extra cash from what it calls "brand exploitation" (as opposed to viewer exploitation). If you look at Endemol's most recent financial reports, the company has seen a lot of extra money pile in from adding more and more premium-rate dial-in and Short Message Service (SMS) text response opportunities to its programmes. Some of its shows are now purely about getting viewers to pay through the nose to take part.

In the first half of this year, digital media sales grew almost 40 per cent, compared with the same period a year ago, from €37.6m to €52.0m. For Endemol, digital media means money from phone calls and texts, plus sales of interactive services on phones and computers. The company does not break out sales within that group, but the company notched up 180 million calls or texts in the first half of the year from brand exploitation. Another 100 million were for dedicated interactive shows. I think we can guess where most of the money is coming from for the digital media group, which now accounts for about a tenth of Endemol's turnover. The UK, by the way, is now Endemol's best-performing territory.

Jeff Jarvis thought all this complaining to Ofcom was an example of over-regulation. I'm not sure how public complaints amount to over-regulation - Ofcom has not actually done anything. It would be tough: any regulator is going to have a tough time ruling on something like this in less than a working day. Maybe Jarvis should have had a gander at the broadcasting code. Here's the relevant bit of section 10:

10.9 Premium rate numbers will normally be regarded as products or services, and must therefore not appear in programmes, except where:

they form part of the editorial content of the programme;


they fall within the meaning of programme-related material.

10.10 Any use of premium rate numbers must comply with the Code of Practice issued by the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services (ICSTIS).

Basically, unless there is some other regulation that applies to this situation, Ofcom is not about to slap Endemol on the wrist (so, no Jeff, it is not over-regulation). If you want to punish Endemol, stop watching and ridicule your mates for continuing to watch it. Although you really should have been doing that in the first place.

Should Ofcom beef up the code to prevent programmer makers from minting it from premium-rate calls? There is an underlying question: how much money do you spend on trying to save people from their own stupidity? I contend that the answer depends on how much their dumbness damages other people. Therefore, preventing bad or vindictive driving and excessive gambling seem to be good ideas. They don't just damage the people who take part, but usually damage lots of people around them. Excessive texting or phoning to TV shows? Fashion will probably do more damage to this quickly than any amount of regulation that Ofcom could come up with. Maybe we will see "I was a text-TV widow" stories appear, but I'm not holding my breath.


I've just had one of those bad and infuriating experiences, which I'd like to share with the general commmunity. These shifty companies, with their Premium Rate Numbers scams really are evil and they really ought to be locked up:

Dear To Whom It May Concern,

Its Saturday afternoon 30th Sept at 14:20: I have just found a message
on my answer phone, which goes like this: 'Hi, this is John from DPS -
We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your
message you just need to call 0871 204 3087 and speak to one of our live
I have tried to get through. Firstly, the message does not tell me if
it is futile or not at weekends and secondly I am suspicious about this:
The only service mentioned on your deed poll webpage is Royal Mail and
anything starting 0871 is suspicious in my opinion.
I was under the impression that I would not even need to sign for the
coming package and that if I did and missed it, I would just need to go
to the nearest Mail Depot and collect it with some ID.
I have also, via Orange's 453 service, found that I have been charged at
a Premium Rate on this number 0871 204 3087: This makes me extremely
suspicious about its validity. There is no mention of this in your
webpages and I'm being overcharged on chasing something up.
What is going on?
Furthermore, the message delivered to me was so fast and unclear, that I
could barely decipher it.
The whole situation seems unclear and quite possibly invalid.
I am also mailing this to you at deedpoll and if this is something
invalid, I shall also be contacting BT and Oftel.
A somewhat confused customer.
Really, I thought I'd just be going down to the Local Royal Mail Depot
and would have my deed poll by now?!
There are so many odd things going on with emails, internet and phone
numbers, and often these cost noone but the unwitting customer at the
end of it all: It does make me a little paranoid. When a message with
a 0871 number comes through, and there has been no previous explanation,
it send alarm bells ringing. I'm sure I'm not the only one. There are
stories of this nature in the papers and on the news every week.

Best Regards,

Patrick Boyle

I had a purposely garbled message from James at DPS on 08712084197, had to listen 5 times to understand, the only clear speach was'retrieve message'and number. Since no one will do a thing about this crew [I know people in prison for less than this] after being ripped off waitng in an imaginary que,'you are 4th,3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd add infinitam,can anyone tell me how to aquire shares in this scam.just found out how good Google is, typed number in,imagin my surprise when I saw the same words fom James

I'd just like to add that I got one of these calls, however, last time it was James at 'DPS', this it is Paul at the 'Information team' (no mention of the actual company I noticed), however, you might recognise the number 0871208497, hmm... apparently they have a message for me. Hey, couldn't they have just left it on my phone when they called? I haven't phoned it, and never will. I just wonder how many more of this type of criminal activity I will get on my phone line...

Just got call from 08712084197, thought it was strange same message as richard received won't be calling...


Got the same message on my answer phone Saturday afternoon. Asking me to call 08712084197. I have sent an e-mail to the office of fair trading so hopefully they will shut down the scam before they become millionaires!

I've had the same message from Paul at the information team on 08712084197 this weekend and again today, just after 5pm. Instinctively I did a search on the web and came across this site, so i won't be calling "Paul" back either ...

Oh My !! I just rang this number and after being on hold for 2 mins became suspicious !! Did a search for the number and here i am !! Same message as all those above !! How can people do this ?? Its just not right !! BT should have a message on these lines that tells you hopw much the call will cost and press 1 if you want to go ahead with it. Daylight robbery !! Just another bill i will be receiving for a service i did not request !!!

Me too - Paul left a message from the information team, you call it get put on hold so I hung up at once. This has scam all over it. I wonder what the charge rate actually is. Off to find the BT number to complain to.

I think I might consider having an affair with Paul cos he seems awfully keen for me to get in touch with him for my message, and will probably be a lot cheaper. He does have a nice voice though. Are you free Paul ?

I too had this message once from paul and the other from james? but with a slightly different number - so does anyone know who it is making these calls??? the numbers to call were 0871 2084197 and 0871 2405000

Hi All. Paul is very keen to speak to me too! I have had the same message two days in a row. Stupidly dialled the second time and got the "you are held in a queue" comment - hung up and searched for this number. Here I am too!! Unfortunately nobody cares any more about people like us - BT and many others get their fair share by renting these lines - so why should they care. Cynical - not me!!!

Same as above. Recieved a message from "Paul at the Information Team" requesting that I call 08712084197. It's a scam. I didn't call. But I agree with a previous contributor to this site, Ofcom should require that BT or the Telephone carrier should warn you that this is a premium rate number by means of a short message or distinctive tone or ring - eg the sound of coins falling :). I do believe something should be done. My problem is trying to convey my cautiousness onto my family. This is not easy since the rules of the game change as fast as the imaginations of the scammers.

Every product in the shops is labelled with a clear price tag - this should also apply to telephone calls.

Got the same scam myself.
Please note the message was "James from the Information Team" asking me to ring back to pick up the message on 08712409000 (note different number to ones above) - obviously they cycle new numbers all the time. If you read this and got a message asking to call 0871 - DON'T! Its a scam to make you pay a fortune in phone billd.

I think we may have been affected by this. We recieved a call saying there is a message for us to collect from 0871 208 4197.
My mum rang it as we thought it was about an expected delivery...she was waiting for 10 minutes.
Does anybody know how much it will charge us? We havn't seen the phone bill yet.

I had the same call from Dave from Information team asking me to call 0871 2089 483 in order to retrieve a message. Let's say I am a suspicious person but to me the scam was obvious and did not even dream to call and immediately went on the net to see what I could find about it. What really annoys me is that there is not a way to catch this people and fine them or even more.

I have just received a call from 0871 240 9000, however they didn't have the opportunity to leave a message. I picked up the phone and a bloke said "Hello, hello?" then hung up. I can't help wandering if just answering the call meant I was charged a small fortune in telephone bills. Has anyone had this experience and why can't BT, and the rest of the tier 1 network providers simply ban these calls from their lines?

I've had the same treatment several times now - "hello...hello?" I've been told it's a national rate number - not premium rate so they get a lower fee per minute but will try to extend the call as long as poss. It also means it isn't regulated by ICSTIS (at present) who regulate premium rate. I've complained to Offcom (08454563000). They say they're taking away the fee bearing bit of National rate numbers soon so there is no incentive, although I think they said when this happens 0871 will then become premium rate and will thus be regulated by ICSTIS - of course by then the scam will have re-configured itself.

I just had a call saying "hello hello" and then hung up, i did 1471 and did a search on google, HERE I AM thinking i'm glad i didn't press 3 to return the call.
I had a different call earlier from 07045 271 917 with a recorded message saying they have a message for me and could i call back on 07045 271 917, this got me thinking straight away and i wondered why someone would call with a recorded message asking to call back on the same number that had called me on, surely if they had something for me then a REAL person would just speak. Glad i got a good head on my shoulders.

I have also been through the same experience but had the nerve not to ring back as I felt suspicious it was a scam and instead googled the number and found your blog instead.
The question is: how can we stop these buggers?
I am fed up with receiving these telephone calls, can anyone help?

They obviously use this scam alot.
Luckily i didn't call back. I was only on the phone long enough to hear the posh git say "Hello, Hello?"
There should be a law against this sort of rubbish, the calls are getting more and more frequent.
How Annoying!!

They (Information Team) are now also using 0871 208 9407. Same scam.

just had a phone call from 0871 240 9000.
First - silence - I'm always suspicious as it sounds like it's coming from a switchboard abroad. Then: hello, hello and hung up.
I just found your blog and am glad I didn't call back!!

Any idea on getting to find out who these people are?

I've just had a second message left from James being a bit impatiant saying this is th esecond time he's phoned. the number is 0871 208 9407. I've just been ignoring them but it is winding me up.

I've just had the same message from James asking me to call 0871 208 9407 and I've made a recording of it and posted it to my blog at http://casa-ligera.blogspot.com/.

Interestingly the call came from 0871 240 9000 instead of the number it's asking me to call so they probably have thousands of these numbers!

November 21st and I just got home to a message from Paul from the Message Holding team. Would I call the number. I Googled the number and look where I am! Won't be calling him back. Bless the internet.

I've just had the same call from 08712409000, "hello, hello?" phone went dead.... so I called it back. Then told to call another number.... 08712089408... went straight on hold and googled the number while i was waiting.


Came home from holiday to find message from James on 08712084197 at DPS on Answerphone. I was expecting a parcel delivery and DPS sounded sufficiently like a parcel delivery service (e.g. UPS) for me to riing it. After that it was just as described by others. Are UPS happy abouit this?

Msg: "Hi, this is James from the Information team. This is the second time we've tried to call you. We have a message waiting for you. To pick up your message its simple - call 0871 208 9407". What a nice well spoken w****r you'd think.

No "this is a message for Mr so and so", and why not just leave the message in the first place?... if this was the second time you tried to call me, when was the 1st time??
Never call 0871 or 070 numbers

Same message from James at the Information Team. Now using 0871 2089406

No hello Mr or Mrs, no company name provided. Thought dodgy, looked up on google and here i am !!

James has been very busy, couldnt get to the phone in time, played back the message, James from Information Group, told to call 0871 2089407,

Looked it up on Web and got this website

Hi. Similar story to those before. Mine was the "this is the second time we've tried to contact you" one and "please call back on 08712409000 to collect your message". It didn't say who the message was for so straight away I got suspicious. How do they know how many people are on my number !!. The 'gentleman' did say that he was from Delta Promotions which ties in with a DPS message I noted above. Does this company actually exist ?.

i too have recevied two phone calls on 21 Nov i think second message from james giving me a different tel number 08712089407 and 08712409000, i have also answered the telephone to music so i put the phone down and had a recorded message played to me when i answered i have not rang them back.

same story here - James from Information Team 0871 2089407. Called Ofcom. W***kers.

I got the message from 'James' yesterday about a message awaiting me; thought it suspicious so didn't call the number.

Got to work this morning to find a message from the same 0871 240 9000 saying they've now got £1000 award waiting for me to call to collect! Sounds like they need to bribe us to call now!!

Busy lot though aren't they!

I also received the 'James from the information team' answerphone message'.

Realised that 0871 was premium rate straight away and deleted the message. Who is the company behind these messages? I've got some bricks ready to through through their windows (disclaimer: this is only a dream statement and no way something I actually intend to do. Honest.)

'James' from the 'information team', if you're reading this - die scum.

I have just had the same sort of call, but worryingly enough had a messgae left both at home and at work - where do these b*stards get off harrassing me?! Same as everyone else here - Googled the number, saw this message, and then passed the word around the organisaiton I work for - don't fall for this obvious scam!

I have just had the same sort of call, but worryingly enough had a messgae left both at home and at work - where do these b*stards get off harrassing me?! Same as everyone else here - Googled the number, saw this message, and then passed the word around the organisaiton I work for - don't fall for this obvious scam! Number was 0871 2409000 which I see has already been noted above.....

Thanks for posting the 0871 208 9407 "James" scam. I too received one of these. Is it really that difficult for OFCOM to weed this parasites out?

I also recieved a call today. The guy said "hello, hello" and I responded, then the line went dead. I did a 1471 and got a 0870 208 9406 number, the answerphone said to dial 0871 208 9408 as there was a message from the "Information Team". I called, unfortunately, after 5mins on hold I put the phone down. I should have realised it was a money-making scam.

I have had a couple of call from James at the Information Team and could I call back on 08712089470. Was put on hold to pick up a message which never came! I have also had calls and when I answer nobody is there and they hang up. If you dial 1471 it is the same number. I did a wen search and here I am - beware, as I wait for my phone bill

I just received the same call frpm 0871 2089406 as Paul Turner mentions above : The guy said "hello, hello" and I responded, then the line went dead. I did a 1471 and got a 0870 208 9406 number. Rather than call the number back [being suspicious of all 0871 numbers] I Googled the number and came across this site. I called Ofcom and pointed out that clearly this was some kind of scam - there response was that the call may have been genuine! After twenty minutes of discussion I managed to glean that they aware aware of this issue - but I doubt if anything will happen about it.

Just got a call that just said 'Hello' and the caller display showed 0871 208 9406 as in the previous post. If Ofcom are aware they haven't done anything about it yet

Same again - this time James requested me to call back on 0871 2089405. Number not picked up on a Google search so I called it. Hung up when they said I was 10th in the queue - never good.


Like most of you guys i recieved a call from 0871 2089406. The person hang up after two hello's. This is getting ridiculous!What jerks!


I just had a "Hello" call too, from the same number. To aid all future googlers, I will repeat it with and without spaces: 0871 208 9406; 08712089406.

NEVER call any 08xx number - just go to saynoto0870.com and get a normal geographic number, most legitimate companies will have these available for calling from overseas.

Keith: I just called Ofcom and they are collating complaints about this scam, there is a trigger level when something does happen, but they refused to let me know what it was. Just call Ofcom and report, hopefully if enough call then they will get shut down.

Same story --

'Hello hello' from 0871 206 940 6 ->dead
Then I used google and came here.


0871 208 .... not 206

Much the same as others, got home to have the 'Hello' message on the answer phone. Was surprised when 1471 revealed the caller as 0871 208 9406. Being naturally suspicious I Googled the number and found out that I am far from the only person to be receiving such calls. Just a quick question to the people of OFCOM - what is your purpose if not to gid rid of such scams as quickly as possible? I'm off to phone them now - I'm sure that they'll explain all and will be straight on the case!

This makes me laugh.....I had one of these calls, and I never call anyone back, so I googled the number and ended up here. For the record, OFCOM are the biggest bunch of toothless wastes of space ever invented. Unfortunately, we are stuck with these criminal callers, and many more like them, because OFCOM are utterly useless. OFCOM claim to regulate the telecommunications industry, however, in order that such an industry is regulated, OFCOM would actually have to do something, instead of the nothing it always does. OFCOM are actually no better than the scammers that they allow to operate.

Almost the same as most other people. 1471 revealed 0871 2089406 and, as I am expecting a couple of deliveries, I pressed '3' to connect. The reply was 'technical difficulties in connecting' please ring 0712 689408. Of course there was a queue so I hung up. I will also be calling OFTEL.

had a call today from some guy called james from the information group so i called back i was on hold for over 10 minutes and got nowhere dont call this number back call OFCOM

just had same call as above 10 mins on hold untill i relised what a foll i feel now should of just googled it lol

B*stards just called me, same story
2 different numbers
makes you want to kill!

Had the same thing yesterday from James asking me to call 08712089405 (0871 2089405 or 0871 208 9405, Googlefans).

Here's a "message" for you to "pick up", "James": please die in a fire.

I had a message left on my answerphone from James at the Information Team. I called the number and a robotic voice informed me that I had a message waiting with information about something I had asked for information about!!!! I immediately hung up. Scammers!

The number was 0871 2089405

Same as above. James from the information team called about a message to be picked up. Coincided with a package I'm waiting for. After a minute or two, and being told that my call was important to them (I can imagine just how important...idiots like me must be paying for their villa in Marbella!!!) I hung up. I don't blame James, he's just a moron doing his job. I blame OFCOM, for not doing anything, ICSTIS for exactly the same reason, and the criminal mastermind who came up with the scam.

Just for reference, the number I called was: 0871 208 9405.

Don't want to wish ill on anyone, but a plague of boils on "James" and his cohorts would be appreciated.

Just happened to me. 'James from the Information Team'. The number given to call back was 0871 208 9407 but called ID showed 0871 208 9406. I think that 0871 is 10p from a landline.

In case anyone is interested, I called Ofcom, they put me onto Consumer Direct who put me onto ICSTIS. None of them wanted to help so I called Ofcom again on 020 7981 3040 & complained to them. They said they would look into it. Given their lack of enthusiasm, I don't expect them to do much about it. We need the telephone equivalent of a 'White Hat Hacker' to turn James & Co off.

paul at the information fu*in retard u have a mesage waiting for you numbers ti avoid:


bleeding bastards

Now also using 0871 2089405. Looks like they have a whole switchboard set up which makes sense if they want to make money lots of lines.
What a waste of time and inginuity. At least with double glazing you get someone to politely say "no thanks" to.
Nice that google now spider numbers, makes finding this sort of scam so much easier.

Just got a message on 1571 from James at the Information Team and saying to contact "0871 872 7583"

Looks like a new number to add to the ever growing list from this scam

I've just received a call from 0871 208 9406 reporting to be from the Information Team. I rang back and after a couple of minutes holding did a google search and found this site.

I have asked Telstra to tell this company to remove my number from their database. They are apparently a bona-fide market research company and Telstra thus can't take any action against them, and until 0871 numbers come under the juridstiction of ICSTIS there is no requirement to promote the cost of the call - 10 ppm.

If you want to stop the calls from these numbers but don't want to sign up to TPS then contact Telstra at 0800 856 6000, choose option 5 and get yourself put through to the Abuse department. This is how I found out what this particular company do and how I got myself off their list.

Telstra Europe lease these number out (supposedly to another company that leases them to James and his cohorts!!!)
You can contact Telstra Customer services on 0800 856 6000 (FREEPHONE). You will undoubtably get through to Craig who may hang up on you a few times before getting fed up with your persistant calling. He has said the person in charge of Network Abuse is called Tony and your 'valuable' information will be passed on to him.
If Telstra Europe don't close down these lines then they are very deserving of all this bad publicity.
Call and call and call again. This time its costing Telstra Europe and just a little of our time.

Hi All,

Followed the advice above and have spoken to Tony at Telstra Abuse, he's collating complaints against the Information Team. Seems like they're using 0871 208 9405, 6, 7, 8...

Having just received the message from 'James', I thought I would start doing some research on this scam. I notice from this, and other similar forums, that messages have contained personal greetings (forenames), or have been left on both work and home answering services. This leads me to believe that they are getting a list of numbers from somewhere, and not just random dialling.

I would like to see if there is a common thread, i.e. I have just ordered an item from Amazon?

If you ever receive calls from 07/08/09 numbers the best way to find out who they belong to is go to this page


The top section is for 07 numbers, the next for 08 and then 09. They're all Excel spreadsheets but when you open them search for the start of the number. The first column is called sabc and for a number such as 0871208xxxx the sabc is 8712, and the second column is de which is then 08. You'll see that it's a 10ppm number allocated to Telstra Europe.

09 numbers can be reported direct to ICSTIS at their website, but until 087 is brought under their control, direct contact is the best means.

Message to Daren, get a life looser calling a telephone company with a fault ever thought they might not have been able to hear you!

Same story,

"Hello this is the information team, can you call me back on 08712089405."
0871 208 9405

Sure enough, it's a 10p a min number belonging to TELSTRA EUROPE

Call from 'The Information Team' using 0871 872 7600 just now.

Craig at Telestra has only the email address enquiries@theinformationteam.com and the WhoIs address for the domain as contact details for them.

Further info:

0871 872 7600 is provided by Opera Telecom, and is assigned by them to MADMAXMOBILE LTD of Mill House Business Center, Station Rd, Castle Donnington, Derbyshire DE74 2NJ - apparently a suite of serviced offices - MMM's registered office is 3 CHARNWOOD STREET, DERBY, DE1 2GY, Company No. 05153645

The only contact number Opera Telecom have for MMM is 0871 208 4188, which is in Telestra's allocation.

MadMaxMobile Ltd was previously known as THE TATLOCK CONSULTANCY LIMITED of 12 The Grange, Smalley, Derby, DE7 6JZ.

Tatlock Consultancy has an icstis adjudication against them for a previous prize draw cold-calling infringement:


I got the "hi, this is James from the information team...." message from 08712409000 back in November, tried calling it back, & got put on hold. I decided right away it was a scam & hung up. I've just got the same message (Dec 12th), this time the number is 08718727600. I want to complain & get this obvious con stopped, but I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help?

I also got the call this afternoon and didn't pick up, it was left on my answering amchine.. "Hi, this is James from the information team, we have a message for you, can you please call us on 0871 2089405".

I was informed all their agents were busy and that I would be put in a queue, I waited 30 seconds then hung up and came to google to see how much an 0871 number might cost me. Thats when I found this site.

Thank you everyone, I've got onto the guys at Telestra Europe, who informed me that it was unethical and not illegal and not much they could do except give me their details where they are based in America.

I phoned back and chose option 5 (for other, which turns out to be support), spoke to someone else requesting my number be removed from their databass as I was TPS and they are scammers and rammed my point home.

I was informed that they were not 'hosting' these 0871 numbers but had only sold a batch onto another reselling company Liquid11 (see website address link in my contact detals), and it is they in fact who need to pull the plug on the information team, as it is they who are hosting/reselling the numbers to the individuals concerned in this scam.

Now if you go on their website liquid11 dot co dot uk you will see they have a web contact form and a telephone number. If enough people call them/fill in the form to complain (Ask for complaints manager) about them using their services for a scam and that they are smashing the UK with this recorded message scam even to people who are TPS (Telephone Preference Service), then we have a better chance of finally getting rid of this UK scam. So.. Please get onto liquid11 lets get rid of these bast**ds yeh?!!

Thanks everyone.

The man behind these scams is Nigel Jeremy Tatlock who lives at
12 The Grange,
DE7 6JZ.

He's a director of Madmaxmobile Ltd. Born 24/10/1961

I called an got through to the live operator who asked me some consumer questions relating to my utilty bills, ok the call was a bit annoying but they think they may have a company that can help me to save money on gas an electricty which would really help so the call was worthwhile after all

Telsra Europe are not hosting these 0871 numbers but have sold a batch onto another reselling company Liquid11 (who have a UK website). They eed to pull the plug on the information team, as it is they who are hosting/reselling the numbers to the individuals concerned in this scam.
There was a story in today's Mirror:


Liquid11 are listed on the Companies House Website (free access, Google it).

I also got the call this afternoon and didn't pick up, it was left on my answering amchine.. "Hi, we have a message for you, can you please call us on 0871 2089405".

I was informed all their agents were busy and that I would be put in a queue, I waited 30 seconds then hung up and came to google to see how much an 0871 number might cost me. Thats when I found this site.

Alarm bells were ringing as no company name was offered at all.

Thanks to the internet, case closed 'SCAM'!!

Just got a call from James at the information team, wanting me to call 0871 208 9406, to pick up a message. I realised it was a recording as he left an answer phone message even though I had picked up and not the machine, Googled the number, found this, and called OFCOM. What a bunch of tw@ts.

Got a recorded someone from the "Information Team" on a live call today - couldn't be bothered to commit the name to memory when they announced I should ring him on 0871 blah blah.

I've just run an editorial in the magazine I publish outlining my unwillingness from this point forwards to ring ANY 08 prefixed number. I object to paying anyone for the privilage of them trying to sell to me. As call packages increasingly embrace 'geographic numbers' - I no longer pay for landline calls in the UK, most of Europe and the US - I'll be damned if I'm going to line the pockets of people who, in the case of cold calls, I don't especially want to talk to anyway.

It is a shame they are not classed as some sort of premium rate, or that companies who use them are not obliged to point out the costs involved. It only amounts to pence, but it adds up.

I now email companies who only use 0845s and 0870s to get a geographic number, or tell them to ring me: if they can't be bothered, I don't wish to deal with them.

The sooner consumers vote with their wallets, and refuse to subscribe to this dishonest practice, the better: now before it becomes better established.

Yeah just got a answer machine message from Paul at the Info team to call 08712089405. For some reason I called ( I was still groggy as just woke up) but then suddenly realised it was a scam afetr about 10 seconds. BAM, probably cost me about £1 for that.

Googled the number and came across this site. I'm gonna look into this fellas website and any e-mail addresses i come across I'm ginna post them everywhere so he gets spammed all day long, the prick!

jeremy tatlock derby oops wrong number. I to recently visited amazon.

I have got into the habit of googling 0871 numbers, lucky I did!! James from the information team has now called with an urgent message 3 times, number used 0871 208 9406. All 3 messages have been out of hours on my business line. Sneaky little toads.

I received a message yesterday from Paul on 0871 2089405 and found this site on a search.

Today I also received a call from a different number (as a recorded message) asking me to call to arrange delivery of my radio. This immediately struck me as odd as I hadn't ordered anything and why wasn't there someone on the other end of the line!!! The number was from 07045271915 07045 271915, I didn't get a chance to catch the number I was asked to call and couldn't find anything on a search for this number in a search engine.
I rang Offcom on 0845 4563000 who took the numbers and informed me that both were a scam and not to call either of them.

Hope this helps someone else.

I received a call the other day from a "James" at "Information Centre" asking me to ring. Seemed dodgy straight away - 1471 returned the number 0871 208 9406. Interestingly I also recently ordered something off Amazon?! Is this a common thread between all of us? Then again maybe everyone orders stuff from Amazon over Christmas and hence just a coincidence?

I received the same call today but have NOT ordered anything from amazon recently. I doubt that a reputable company like amazon would pass on information of valued customers to such scammers.

I've just had an SMS test massage to my mobile, saying "We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call 0871 873 7962" - This page was the first result in google for the message text, but I got no results for the number. - It looks like the same scam, so for reference and indexing, that number is 0871 873 7962, 0871 8737962, 08718737962

yup, they're still pulling the scam - i just had "the information team" call me, i missed it so i returned the call as i thought i recognised the number, got put on hold, got suspicious, hung up and googled the number, 08712409000, found this, thank god!

Well just got my call from the 'Information Team'. Didn't catch the number he left but I'm pretty sure it was the same as those above. The call was from 0871 240 9000. The call was definitely a recording. Isn't it illegal to make calls from recordings?

Another one I'm having fun with lately is 'Base for Mobile or B4M' who have called me 7 times over the last 2 weeks. Each time, Indian cold callers offer me a free mobile phone at the wonderful price of £17.50 a month - how amazing! They refuse to give out a phone number and when I calmly request that they remove me from their database they hang up and call again the next day! I've got to the point where it's quite funny! It's definitely a scam because they say something about coming from 3G networks - I presume an attempt to sound like the legitimate 3 Networks.

Oh well - it keeps you alert I suppose!


Can't believe Oftel hasn't put a stop to this yet. I just ran for the phone and hear someone say 'sorry we missed you' - then the line went dead. So I did 1471 and the number 08712 409000 came back, so I rang it - and promptly put the phone down - we NEVER provide 'information' to any one and here was this person tellingme they have a message for me regarding information I have already given. We're ex-directory and have just moved into a new property so I really want to know how these people got our number - I hope they get caught really soon!!!

After another hour on the phone o Oftel and Telstar, the Man in the UK I was told to contact for 'The Information Team' was Paul Hilsworth 07858812199. Also an email for them is enquiries@theinformationteam.com . THey are actually a US based company. I suggest we all get calling - them this time.


Latest number : 0871 2400 680
on Saturday 6th January 2007

"Hi, this is The Information Team, if you can give us a call back on 0871 2 400 680 - thanks"

It was left on the voicemail, nothing more than that ... I didn't call them ... good to warn others ... keep the number up to date

Permutations for Google Indexing -

0871 240 0680
08712 400 680

Hope this helps, Mark, Cardiff. :o)


Same thing on Friday 5th - thanks to Google and this thread, I haven't called back! Number they used was 0871 240 7060.

Exactly the same again on 15th January, voicemail left on our BT 1571. "Please call the Information Team on 0871 2400 680". I didn't call it back, I rarely do, but did trace the number via Google to here, so confirmed it was a scam.

Let everyone know, there are still a lot of people out there not realising these scams can happen, particularly elderly, and mentally vulnerable.

Can anyone confirm if it is worth contacting Trading Standards of Ofcom?

Exactly the same again on 15th January, voicemail left on our BT 1571. "Please call the Information Team on 0871 2400 680". I didn't call it back, I rarely do, but did trace the number via Google to here, so confirmed it was a scam.
Let everyone know, there are still a lot of people out there not realising these scams can happen, particularly elderly, and mentally vulnerable.

Can anyone confirm if it is worth contacting Trading Standards of Ofcom?

Yep and the number has changed again its now 0871 872 3812 beware!

Beware! Another number 0871 872 3813. BT has changed its price plan for most of 0871 numbers which takes affect from the 15th Jan 2007. So the above number is 10p maximum from a fixed BT line. By the way s..t happens :-)

Just had the same thing via an SMS message quoting the below phone number.

0871 872 3811

Same thing, another number
SMS from +2010 599 6500:
"We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call
0871 872 3818"

Funnily enough, I'm not far from Ilkeston.
Maybe I could pop round and ask
Nigel Jeremy Tatlock personally for
my message.

Wow, now I've been wondering about this for weeks.

Firstly I get home and find a message on my answerphone to call the Information team (and an 0871 number). I did't call it as I had no idea what it was about, am not expecting any parcels and had made no enquiries anywhere. I assumed someone had left it on my machine in error.
A few days later the phone rings and my husband answers it to someone telling him to call the information team and repeating an 0871 number. My husband just said, no, how about you talks to me now, but the pleasant chappie on the other end hung up.
I sort of presumed it was some kind of scam, or "free" prize draw thing so never thought twice about it. I had no idea it was so widespread. If anything like this happens again I will be sure to make a note of the number and report it to OFCOM (for all the good that will do).

P.S. Since this has happened I have also heard of people being sent a text SMS asking them to call an 0871 number to retrieve their message.

I have had a lot of messages left on my ansaphone from "The Information Team" (an 0871 number, just like all those described above) - but I have never called back. Sometimes they say that they need to "arrange your delivery", which is odd as I haven't ordered anything from anywhere! Luckily for me I suspected a scam from the start. Surely something could be done to stop this? Who do we need to complain to?

Just got this SMS from +2010 599 6500:

"We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call
0871 872 3813"

I was a bit wary, but I phoned the number. When the recorded voice didn't say who the company was, I got more suspicious. When it wanted me to tell them my mobile number I hung up.

I googled for the 0871 number and found this webpage. I'm also sending this information to OFCOM in the hope that they can stop the scam.

Thanks to the poster above who has traced this scam/crap to Nigel Tatlock, and gave us Tatlock's address. Unfortunately he's ex-directory, but I do have an important (and heavy) message that he will want to receive in the post. I hope I remember to affix sufficient postage.

Also, I think I should add his name and address to any mailing list I can find. In fact why stop at one name at that address? - I'm sure they all want unsolicited communications!


For reference the number has changed to 08718723831.


message from +20105996500

We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call 0871 872 3812

CAN SOMEONE SOMEHOW FLOOD THESE BASTARDS MESSAGE INBOX?!?! F'N IDIOTS. lucky i didn't ring, thought i'd google it first :)

I also just had the:
message from +20105996500

We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call 0871 872 3812.

also suspicious, i googled! what's also odd is that the message says it arrived at 17.19 after it just arrived around 15.30...oh well at least i didn't bother calling! where's that watchdog woman...;)

just got an SMS from +20105996500

You currently have a message awaiting your collection. to collect your message just call 0871 872 3813

Said message was received at 17:56, time is now 16:08

was unsure about 0871 bit, piut into google and here I am!!!

i have also been contacted by some loser on the following number:

0871 872 3831

its a blatant scam and it is odd that Oftel does not stop this garbage...

Looks like this prick has been busy. I received the same text message telling me that had a message for me. Sent from +20105996500 telling me to ring 08718723811. I phoned it from my work phone. What the hell, I don't pay the bill and it asked me to enter my mobile number. I hung up then. Hopefully, people will realise this is a scam before it's too late.

Earlier today I received a call from 08718727013 (0871 872 7013) where it just rang twice and then stopped.
I decided to phone it back (from my work phone) and saw that it was answered immediately (I have a display on my work phone that informs me when I am connected)
I was then listeneing to a ringing tone.
Basically, it sound slike you are waiting for them to answer, whereas you arer actually already being charged for the call.
Beware: 0871 872 7013 = SCAM = 08718727013

Just to say I had the same text "call 0871 872 3812" from +2010 599 6500. Just like many before me, I was suspicious straight away and googled the number, when I came across this site.

Where the bleedin' 'eck do they get our mobile numbers from!!

Yep same here. Just recieved an SMS to call the 0871 number to collect my message. Strange that OFTEL/OFCOM cannot stop this happening and also publicise the from number and the number to call on their website on the SCAM page. Also why can't they change the pricing structure of that call so it is effectively charged as 0800 call and all charges passed onto the scammers. That would then ensure they are paying for the call.

Just had a text saying someone was holding a message for me - well keep it mate. I love google.

Mind you i am a bit of a cynic. The only reason i have a landline is for ADSL, so the only time i ever answer the phone is to play with whoever is trying to sell me something on the other end. Usually i get bored after half an hour. With things like loft insulation i suddenly remember i don't need any as i live in a flat.....on the middle floor. Fight back when u can & good luck all.

I've received the same message from +20105996500 telling me that I've got a message blah blah blah. My nose was getting the better of me and I was going to phone but decided to check the net and here I am.

Hope other people aren't duped into it.

Just got a text from +20105996500 (though these numbers can be spoofed for From in an SMS) saying We currently have a message awaiting your collection. to collect your message just call 0871 872 3818.

Yeh, as if!

Just had a message to call 0871 872 3818 and found this website.

Yep, 0871 872 3818 seems to be the latest one. I've just had a text asking me to call to retrieve that fictitious message. Why do I get the feeling someone will be here tomorrow questioning 0871 872 3819?

I just got this message too asking to call 0871 872 3818 - thanks for the tip off peeps!

Had a message to phone 0871 872 3811 it said

We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call 0871 872 3811. It was text from +20105996500

What's going on! Im sure that the person/company whom rents this number can be stopped???

0871 872 3818 is still going strong. Received a text yesterday "We currently have a message awaiting your collection. To collect your message just call 0781 872 3818"
Don't even go there folks, I didn't, having seen the extremely good advice above.

Just received a text asking me to ring 08718723813 to collect a message. The first thing I did was to do search on the web. I am glad I did, because I was tempted to ring that number. Glad I did not. Somebocy stop these people. The senders nunber is +20105996500. Trace them and string them up by their necessaries!

Paul AND James seem very keen to contact me. I had a BT number and James contacted me then, changed to NTL and Paul called. Lucky, Lucky me :)


Latest number : 0871 2303 337
on Tuesday 20th February 2007

Permutations for Google Indexing -

0871 2303 337
0871 230 3 337
0871 230 3337
0871 2 303 337

Hope this helps. :o)