Mmm, that's just right, said Goldilocks

25 November 2006

Is there a style guide for trade-PR case studies? They all look the same, even though they clearly come from very different sources. It may be that there are some stylistic tricks that one or two writers spotted early on in their evolution and others have been copying ever since. One of the most important elements of the PR-supplied case study is to get the product's features in alongside the quote where the users explain how delighted they were with the performance of the "seamless high-functionality solution".

The question is, which sentence do you try to squeeze the features into? In the case of one case study that passed my way, this sentence probably wasn't the one:

When IPCS discovered Digi’s NS9360 microprocessor, its 32-bit, 177MHz performance was exactly what IPCS needed.

176MHz? Too slow, boys. 178MHz? Too hot to move. 177MHz - yep, nothing else will do.