Steven Furtick's imagined insults

21 March 2007

There's nothing like getting your retaliation in first. There was Ryan Jordan (or at least I think that was his name) acquiring a fake persona to avoid stalkers on Wikipedia long before anyone thought of stalking anyone associated with Wikipedia. Now, we have the curious case of a US pastor who has foresworn Technorati because of the bad words people have for him in their blogs. He decided to ignore what blogs write about him because, according to him, they have said nasty negative things about him. Those negatives thoughts might cause him to leave his ministry. I have always been deeply suspicious about people who say: "I try to stay away from negative people." They often know how to judge people, and not in a good way.

The strange things is, up to March 19 when he announced his decision, it was hard to find any slings, arrows, sticks, stones or even mild chastisement in blog posts that might have caused the pastor to take Technorati out of his bookmarks list. To be honest, it still is. So, why do it? Publicity stunt? The move has, after all, temporarily propelled his name to the head of Technorati's top ten searches.

I had to use Google blog search for this rather than Technorati as it was down. But he started blogging, it seems in September. From about December onwards, the chatter started, but mostly from people who knew him from school or college or were members of the church. Those early postings note that Furtick's church was getting close to a 1000 people to turn up.

You get various eulogies through January and February. "Amazing dude"; "This church has blown up"; "Steven Furtick has said all I ever wanted to say about church"; "There is no doubt that Steven Furtick and team at Elevation are just freaks." Ooh, possibly near the mark. No wait: "I have NEVER heard of a church that is doing what they are doing in such a short amount of time." The other 99 per cent is similarly treacly.

Then, on Monday he decided he didn't like Technorati: "For every 10 guys with blogs who think I’m a hero, another guy thinks I’m the anti-Christ". I'm still searching for just one comment that even goes near calling him the anti-Christ. The publicity stunt theory certainly sounds more appealing by the minute, especially given the breakneck speed at which this pastor seems to be trying to build up his church - there are now two in Charlotte, apparently.

However, this story might have more to do with a commenter called ty23 who took offence to a mildly critical post about Furtick's atttitude to 'church shopping' - finding a church should not be like buying shoes, basically, but creating a church? It seems that in some quarters, you don't have to have shoes you don't like, you design your own shoes.

Ty23 delivered a lengthy rebuttal. Ty23 claims not to be Steven Furtick but ty23 has a similarly direct writing style and starts to refer to doing what he can in "my church" in a follow-up post on the same blog. Note the mention of how people find posts about them using Technorati. Those pesky sock-puppets. Always getting into scrapes.

Furtick's wife says of the response to his post about Technorati: "Now there are people posting about him because of this. Go figure." Yes, quite. Not drawing attention might have been a good idea.


Oh brother people. MOVE ON. Stop taking his post out of context. If you're not a christian or a pastor, you just don't get it and over exaggerate things. He's protecting himself from people who don't even know him and criticize based on a blog entry? WHATEVER. I'd rather take criticism from someone who knows me personally than online. Smart guy, IMO.

Just for clarification, Ty23 is not the pastor of Elevation Church. I am married to ty23 and I can assure you of that fact. Just in case anyone is wondering. They are not the same person. Hate to burst the 'conspiracy theory' bubble.

Would it be wrong to note for thr record that Steven Furtick's wife's website is entirely .... purple?

Conspiracy? You decide. ;)

(PS Lindsers83, Mr. Furtick should probably get out of the kitchen if he can't handle the fire. Expecting to run a big, in-your-face church with a big, in-your-face blog to match is bound to draw attention and, yes, criticism -- getting upset when the inevitable happens is naive at best. When Jesus suffered ridicule from those he was trying to save, he didn't say a word ... and he CERTAINLY didn't get snarky with them.)

Good Grief. Well I hope he doesn;t quit blogging. I actually came across him at the post you mention where there was a mild negative comment. because of that read I much of his blog and also googled him and read other blogs about hi, that like you said was 99 percent positive. I would think that would be a good thing from his perpesctive and getting the word out.
Despite disagreeing with his theology, I do get a sense he is good man.

I also enjoyed enteracting with one os his flock on the comment site. Needless to say I thought it was mild crticism from a catholic blog. We Catholics are a harmless bunch that go on about Church Councils, the writings of St Augustine , and the Council of Nicea. If people can't handle us , I can't imagine when other in the Evanglical community start criticizing lol. We are Kindergarten compared to that jungle.

Yes, the purple thing is an unfortunate coincidence, I admit. However, I know Pastor Furtick's wife personally and I promise we are not married to the same person. Although, I guarantee that would have made for another interesting blog. Despite the similarities, I am married to ty23 and the pastor's wife is married to the pastor. Nothing real interesting about that.

I applaud the saying that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

We are learning that powerful and invisible forces can even shake the gates of the blog world.

In conclusion, we as a nation cannot solve spiritual problems with physical solutions.

Just a storm in a chalice...

I want to beat Steve Furtick at his game. Help me get above him on the technorati search list.

I'm suspicious of Steven Furtick.

i don't know. after reading sunday's article, i kinda feel like we got another obama here. i mean he's a pastor and he doesn't cater to the family when they've lost a loved one? that's a hard sell. i went to a few of the services with some of my friends, and i got the feeling that he wasn't really a humble person, but really egotistical. the way the light shined on him when he walked onto the stage was kind of gimmicky and turned me off. that kind of guy reminds me of a motivational speaker, not really a paster and it's kind of scary how so many people treat him with rock star status. he can reach kids without doing all that. i think the guy really needs to get real with his motives, i mean i really really get the feeling that this is more about him than anything else. just a different perspective, that's all.

Pastor Steven Furtick is my pastor and Elevation is my church. My God is your God and I'm proud to answer to Him for my choices and my actions and I hope all of the people here gossiping and competing for fame on silly technorati can say the same. The kingdom of God needs more souls not more competition. This kind of passion should be saved for scripture and witness not cackling about a man of God. Be blessed.

I think its interesting that my comment supporting Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation church was removed from this post. I'm quite glad to know that it challenged someone that much. Be blessed.

I think its interesting that my comment supporting Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation church was removed from this post. I'm quite glad to know that it challenged someone that much. Be blessed.

Comment removed? I have no idea what you're talking about. From where I'm sitting, I can see one posted on October 10. Was there another one?

I don't know if calling a pastor out on a blog like this is even OK, so I'm cautious about writing anything at all.

That said, I will say I really appreciated what "Lisa" wrote. It's sad to see happen, really. I thought Jesus was a humble person, not concerned with the world, being "cool" or trendy, or impressing other people with his style and articulate speech. The kingdom is found in the hearts of small, proven, reliable people who seek first His kingdom, not notoriety, fame, or recognition. I worry about the Pastors of America, including, yes, Steven Furtick, because it just comes across all wrong. I so hope this isn't the case!