Why embedded GIFs in emails are a rubbish idea, part 2

13 March 2007

sentec1.pngI never cease to be amazed by the willingness shown by some people in the PR industry to use technology to truly cock things up. Take the humble, much-maligned and ill-loved press release. It's not all that complicated. You write stuff down and send it off to people in the hope that they will think: "Blimey, there's a story in there." Or at least, "I've got a single column, 6in hole to fill. I suppose this could be massaged into shape."

But that's all too easy. Where's the corporate image in that? Better get the client's logo in and knock up some email "stationery" to drive the message home that the hacks are not dealing with amateurs. It is the kind of thinking that leads you to this gobsmackingly daft example of the art. I don't know what Elements PR has done here to turn the logo into wallpaper when displayed in Entourage. And I really don't want to know. Just understand that not everybody uses Outlook to receive email - and being clever with release layouts will make you look really stupid to people who receive an email looking like this.

Oh, and by the way, I had to fish it out of the Junk mail folder.