Lots of people talk and few of them know

12 September 2007

Nice little curve-ball thrown at a Rolling Stone writer on CNN this evening (aah, the delights of conferences overseas). Anthony DeCurtis was hauled in to talk about the Led Zeppelin reunion concert. It's not the first time that this type of question has tripped someone up publicly - although PM Gordon Brown claims he was railroaded into pretending to like the Arctic Monkeys - but the "what's your favourite Led Zeppelin song?" knocked over DeCurtis.

After a long pause and digression - "um, there's so many..." - guess which one he named.

If the one Led Zeppelin track that someone can cite as their favourite is "Stairway to Heaven", the chances are they're not a fan. I'm with the Wonder Stuff* (and the guitar shop in Wayne's World) on that particular offering. Give me the Bonham-driven battering of "When the Levee Breaks" any day.

* Good Night Though on Hup! (I didn't want to link to some dodgy, popup-ridden lyric site).


But he's right. there are so many. "Ramble on" makes me really nostalgic for my youth, but the "Immigrant Song" and "kashmir" definitely put me in party mode.

But I agree, Stairway to Heaven is an unacceptable answer.

BTW, if you ever get in the LA area, look up Led Zepagain. they are a great cover band.

In My Time Of Dying. For the bit of studio crosstalk at the end, and the best bottleneck guitar solo ever, ever. Makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time.

As a native, I have to say "Going to California," opening tuning and all.

The correct answer should have been the honest one. He should have said "Zepplin may have been cool in their day, but I don't dig 'em. The whiny voice and dated guitar kinda makes me sick to my stomach." He then should have listed his five least favorite songs.

So I agree, his answer was completely unacceptable.