Read my lips. No. More. Versions.

11 October 2007

Here's a handy tip for PRs. If you were giving your next release or invitation a little bit of 2.0 action, think again. Hoping to profit from a little Web 2.0 shine (which has tarnished quite badly in recent months), people have decided to tack on the tag "2.0" to any old topic that might be in need of a warmover, generally in anticipation of some marketing veep or CEO landing nearby for tea and Powerpoint.

With me, at least, it's having the opposite effect to what was intended. Rather than making me think: "Wow, I must find out the changes that usher in the age of Cauliflower 2.0", it's more of an "oh look, no sizzle, no steak, no I won't be going" response. Actually, it's more of an FFS response.

By the way, going to version 3.0 isn't going to help. Just in case you were wondering.


Vanilla offers of tea and PPT it is then.

FFS? How conservative. Some of us maintain a mail subfolder marked 'Nathan Barley' for 2.0 blather. Seriously.


Now you mention it, don't feel obliged to offer PPT. Tea's OK, though.