A funny kernel panic happened on the way to the supermarket

20 June 2008

People in the computer business just can't resist those Moore's Law versus the car analogies. Today's exhibit is Professor Steve Furber of the University of Manchester:

One litre of fuel would serve the UK for a year and oil reserves would last the expected lifetime of the solar system - if efficiency in the car industry had improved at the same rate as in the computer world - a leading computer scientist will tell an audience in Manchester, UK, on Friday 20 June 2008.

I bet he won't be telling them about the motorways clogged with automobiles stranded at odd angles as their drivers phone into call centres to be told: "Just try taking the battery out, then put it back in and start the car up. We can see if it happens again."*

Sorry, it's an old joke, but someone's got to do it.

* I once hired a Smart ForFour with an ECU that crashed so badly - in the middle of Wimbledon in rush hour - the only option was to reboot the car. When I next hired a car from them, I noticed that the ForFour was no longer on the list of vehicles.