The future is in...November

26 September 2008

Fed up of not being able to getting all your Singularitarian braindumps in one place? Then prepare for the moment we all - well, OK, the people with money - fast-forward into the future at the Convergence08 not-a-conference conference.

I can't find chief Singularitarian Ray Kurzweil on the headliners list at the mid-November unconference but maybe, as a technologist with more than a passing interest in populating virtual worlds observed recently (as reported to me by a regular reader of this blog), the format maybe isn't quite Ray's thing:

"Yeah, Ray downloading himself and becoming immortal. It's not the moral side that bothers me, to be honest - it's the shutting Ray up. Imagine him, talking at us for ever more, never sleeping, never stopping."

Apparently our observer did emphasise "at us".