Niches you never knew existed, part 826

9 January 2009

Samsung claims it is making "it easier than ever to bring Blu-ray into the living room with its unique, wall-mountable design". That's the rationale behind the BD-P4600.

I'm not entirely clear on why having to bang some nails in a wall makes it easier to bring Blu-ray into the living room when you could stick it in the pile of unremarkable black and silver boxes that feature as the AV experience in most living rooms. Especially when the machine itself is a slab of monolith black, unless you fancy the idea of turning your consumer durables into bas-reliefs of Suprematist art.

No room on the wall? You can bung it on a table. Because everyone is going to enjoy moving vases and books out of the way for a sheet of black plastic. But the one place you can't put it is in among the stack of satellite receivers or CD players.