Phishing with MindMeister? Er, um, why not?

23 September 2009

I've no idea whether this is a phish or just a regular bit of pharma spam as the site at the other end of the link has keeled over. But it shows yet another salvo in the war between spammers and the rest of the world, and brings us closer to the point where Bayesian spam filters will hit the buffers, as the difference between spam and ham becomes increasingly difficult to gauge.


Whatever it's meant to achieve, it's not a good sign. It is however, a good argument against using HTML in emails. This lot messed up by not attempting to obscure the real Romanian destination for the link but I'm sure later attempts will 'fix' that. I guess spam posing as Twitter notifications instead of just spammy Twitter notifications is the logical next step.


Truly weird. Did you ever sign up for MindMeister?
I did during a presentation an MM exec gave at Web 2.0 in '97. It's an OK mind-mapping tool, but I switched this year to FreeMind, which is a downloadable piece of software that works locally. A bit more robust than MM and great for outlining complex stories.

I did. That's partly the reason why this spam/phish stood out so much, although I only have two mind-maps sitting on the site, neither of which got very far.

Historically, I've used MindManager but it's only occasionally I find a use for mind-mapping in general versus an outliner or the Rolls-Royce of information organisers, Tinderbox. Although you can get ideas down very quickly, it enforces an often artificial structure that's difficult to transfer into words. However, I found MindManager very handy for collecting some types of information - it lets you create ad hoc links between branches which turned out to be useful when building a diagram of SOA standards a few years back. The mind-map pretty much turned into the diagram that ran in the mag.

I might give MindMeister another whirl now that I've finally relented and got an iPhone, as there is a client app available for that. I've started using Evernote a bit more now for the same reason.