Chris Edwards: February 2010 Archives

Because February has at least one 'R' in it, Nokia has launched another mobile operating system based around an open-source project.

Asked about Nokia's plans for mobile operating systems and whether Meego - the merger of its Maemo with Intel's Moblin - spelled the end of Symbian, the phone-makers' executive vice president Kai Öistämö emphatically disagreed: "Absolutely not. This is consistent with Nokia's software strategy. Symbian is the perfect environment for democratising smartphones for the world. MeeGo is about the future of mobile computing." Or whatever comes after MeeGo.

If you look upon Nokia's strategy for software as being "if you fling enough stuff at a wall, some of it will eventually stick" then, yes, that's entirely consistent.

However, as Microsoft stands a good chance of coming back from the nearly dead with Windows Mobile 7 and products such as the iPhone are setting the agenda for mobile computing as much as mobile telephony, it looks like a case of MeeGo rather than WeeGo.