Journal: August 2005 Archives

One crash course in cascading style sheets (CSS) has made it possible to dump the default templates supplied by LivingDot and MovableType and go for my own on this blog. Changing the design was only half the reason for doing this as I needed to learn a bit more about how MovableType itself worked. Having used a couple of Perl-based site-management systems in the past, it turned out to be quite straightforward. But, then again, I haven't tried to do anything fancy in PHP yet.

Time-travelling tickets

10 August 2005

I got a promising email this morning from a ticket agency promising me that it was ready to dispatch tickets for The Pixies, who are playing at the end of the month at Alexandra Palace. The tickets were going today and the company added they would be turning up courtesy of SMS: the company responsible for delivering a large proportion of the credit cards issued by banks to people living within the circle described by London's M25 motorway.

Normally, discovering that anything is being delivered to you by SMS is enough to make you wish credit cards never expired. You can sit in all day waiting only to find out that the people with the cards can a) ride a bike and b) read a map. But they seem unable to find the right door or even the doorbell if they can manage to get to the door. Letting them 'try' twice and then having them return it to the bank so you can pick up the card from a nearby branch is often the best bet. But no such problem this time. The tickets turned up Monday. Now that takes some doing.