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Redesign 2.0

6 September 2008

When I finally got around to upgrading Movable Type to version 4, the custom templates I had been using reached breaking point. The comments pages were on their last legs and I had to disable comment previewing.

Now, after another upgrade to the last release of MT4, I've given the blog a new design. It's even more minimal a design than the last one but I've kept the narrow format of the previous version. Hope you like it.

I think the problem that was slowing down the comments script has also now been fixed.


1 September 2008

Spotted in the Pharyngula comments among the invective aimed at Nature over the journal's editorial on scientists cooperating with the John Templeton Foundation (emphasis added):

#25 is a troll.

There is no such organization as the
Moderate Concerned Atheist Alliance (MCAA)

There are only 3 legitimate atheist groups:
United Atheist Alliance (UAA)
the true atheists

Allied Atheist Alliance (AAA)
a bunch of illogical frauds

Unified Atheist League (UAL)
morons if you ask me

I didn't become an atheist so I could be a member of a club, or another religion.

The letter penned by Matthew Cobb and Jerry Coyne to Nature that triggered this and more is also wrong in claiming:

"In reality, the only contribution that science can make to the ideas of religion is atheism."

Agnosticism, yes. Atheism? That's a stretch.