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Theresa Shafer for SK Murphy has posted five mistakes that CEOs make when giving demos. I assume we're talking startup CEOs here but when I looked at the list I saw much of what is wrong with many press briefings. Most of them are adapted from sales presentations and, it seems, the same structure gets applied when CEOs go out for venture capital.

Is there some kind of dread Dale Carnegie template that gets used to construct all of these presentations? Is it the one entitled: "Bore your prospects to tears"? Because it's the only explanation I can think of.

Basically, all these presentations are done backwards. Point three in the SK Murphy list is the most important one for me:

"'Why I should care about your product' is left to the end of the presentation."

Resistance is futile

14 August 2008

I signed up for a Twitter account about eight months ago to check something and then ignored it. That was until someone found me yesterday using some top search-fu. So, now I've started using it: you can find me as chrised at the emporium of ephemera.

I've vowed to try to keep it useful, doing things such as flagging up features I'm working on. We'll see how long that lasts.