Meeja: October 2008 Archives

In PR, economic events like recessions take on this strange magnetic force. They attract press releases like no other world event although that might be because they are the only events that don't make the release writer look a little sick for trying to make a connection to their client's product ("Suicides up? If only they'd discovered the great taste of CheezyPeas").

Top link of the day is this: Nanoscale coating protect products -- and the economy. It is a link so spurious that the economy only gets a mention in the headline. It is an experimental coating that, in principle, seals pits and cracks to stop them seeding the reactions that lead to metal rusting up. Yes, stopping rust helps things last longer but you might as well claim that oiling ball-bearings improves GDP.

Sourcewire has a stack of them, such as "Online Dating Escapes the Credit Crunch", "Credit crunch has sports fans reaching for the remote" and the pabulum of "Investing in people power is the top weapon in fighting recession, shows new research", in which business leaders agree that cutting jobs is not very important while punching numbers into a spreadsheet that will demonstrate the cost savings they should get by axing a couple of thousand.

However, I think my current favourite (at least after searching for the phrase 'credit crunch' in the Releases folder) is from way back in April headlined: "Credit crunch tightening the IT budget? See it as an opportunity". Now can you guess the product they're pushing? I wouldn't try too hard. I don't think I ever could have guessed this one: "disk imaging solutions". Or, rather, the practice of installing software on multiple machines from a single disk image. Quick, somebody ring IT and tell them: "Ur doin it rong."