Meeja: March 2010 Archives

A release from the UK’s Department of Health came past my inbox the other day. It’s a wonder that anyone reading the report has any clue how to follow its recommendations on the “primary health care needs of vulnerable groups”. A sample:

[The report] concluded that considerable progress has been made, but also highlighted that socially excluded groups often have complex needs and require a sophisticated and flexible response from service providers.

Really? No wonder it’s complex, you could spend ages wondering out how to spot the condition.

If there is one warning sign of trouble ahead for a company it’s Irrational Cash-Splash Syndrome. The symptoms are a sudden need to spend money on promotion, often organising press trips at short notice with an invitation list that makes people wonder “what’s going on here?” The condition is very close to Last Roll of the Dice Syndrome.

The latest victim of the symptom seems to be GlobalFoundries which decided to organise a tour of its Dresden fab this week for a small group of journalists while a larger group attending a conference on chip design just a few kilometres down the road had no idea it was going on. It was only a chance encounter in Dresden during the DATE conference yesterday that clued me in.